American Horror Story: Coven S03 E08: The Sacred Taking


So much happened on episode 7, but the biggest shocker was Queenie’s betrayal of Delphine. Not sure where she fits in at Miss Robichaux’s Academy of Screw ups, Queenie treats Delphine to some drive through food before turning her over to the revengeful Marie Laveau, the Queen of voodoo hoodoo. In one swift move, Kathy Bates is able to take our disgust of her nasty past doings and make us feel pity for her present situation, and that, my little witchypoos, is what I call great acting. Delphine’s bad to the bone but she made us care about her. Will anyone save Delphine? Find out after the jump.


War Is Coming

Queenie is walking on the wrong side of town. She’s on a mission for Marie Laveau, but Madison and Zoe find her and try to talk some sense into her. She’s not buying it and tells them things are going down for the witches. So, I’m guessing Queenie is staying with Marie Laveau. I was hoping she wouldn’t. This is the first time that Queenie looks lost and not sure of herself.

War comes in all shapes and sizes, and for Fiona, her war is with cancer. It’s raging through her body, and even with her power and spells; she’s helpless. The Axeman don’t care. He loves her no matter how bad she’s hurting.

Cordelia is gathering her soldiers, Nan, Zoe and Madison. They are pulling the wagon trains into a tight circle to fight Fiona. They need to perform the Sacred Taking ritual. Misty comes to the school with a guest; crispy critter Myrtle. They need sanctuary. Someone is hunting for Misty. Who the hell is it?



Nan has a premonition that Luke is in trouble. He is. His mother is a kook and gives him toxic enemas; yuck! When Nan goes to save him, crazy mom tries to stop them, but someone shoots at them from the window. Who the hell is it? The mother is killed and Luke is seriously wounded.

I thought I was watching A Christmas Carol, because three spirits come to visit Fiona. First spirit is Madison, who tells Fiona it’s time to die and then hands her pills to take. The second spirit to arrive is Myrtle with the same message for Fiona, ‘die bitch.’ The last spirit is Spalding. Yeah, he’s dead, but unlike the first two he has a tonic to save Fiona.



There is a tender moment between Queenie and Delphine after Queenie sneaks in food to the starving and caged immortal. Delphine begs Queenie to free her, but Marie Laveau walks in before Queenie can be coaxed into helping. Marie Laveau’s threats don’t scare Delphine. Do you remember why? Delphine can’t be killed, thanks to Marie Laveau’s spell. The Voodoo Queen is fuming and cuts off Delphine’s hand. Ouch!



Like Rocky climbing back into the ring, in strolls the Supreme. Fiona is back and has no intention of dying. In fact, she wants to meet the swamp witch. Wants to see how powerful her competition is. Cordelia and the girls are not happy about this turn of events. When the ambulance and police arrive for the shooting next door, Fiona goes to investigate. She wants Misty to work her magic. Strangely, Misty hasn’t done her Stevie Nicks impersonation tonight.

Conclusion and Spoiler Alerts

The show was crazy tonight, but we can’t blame Fiona for all of it. We still don’t know who the new supreme is, but don’t check off our little Nan. I have my money on her. Cordelia realizes that witch hunters are after the coven. She needs her mother at her side, even though she hates her. Fiona has Misty bring back Luke’s mother. Damn, why bring that nutcase back? Kyle tells Zoe he loves her; bad news for Madison. A package arrives at Miss Robichaux’s Academy of Screw Ups. What’s inside? Surprise, surprise! It’s Delphine. Well, part of her at least. I can’t wait to see how Fiona fixes this mess. See you next week, my little witchypoos.

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