Sleepy Hollow S01 E09: Sanctuary


Last week’s episode was quite revealing for both Ichabod and the Headless Horseman. The connection between the two men is explained. They were friends, and Abraham (pre-head loss) was happily engaged to Katrina, that is, until Ichabod and Katrina betrayed him. Thank goodness for Andy Brooks (John Cho) our favorite Pez dispenser. He helped our dynamic duo, even protecting Ichabod from the Headless Horseman. What will the monster of the week be this time around? Find out after the jump.



Ichabod is not a happy camper. All this talk of holidays and turkey dinner has him missing his family and his wife. He tells Abbie that Thanksgiving in the old days featured venison… yum…  Anyway, Captain Irving has a case for our dynamic duo. A famous and filthy rich socialite has disappeared. Lena Gilbert who happens to be connected to the founding fathers hasn’t been seen since buying her family’s manor. Ichabod has been to this house before with his wife Katrina. Oh goodie a mystery is about to be hatched.

Okay, this is driving me crazy, but how is Captain Irving explaining Ichabod Crane’s involvement in police cases to his supervisors? Or better yet, why is Jenny still walking around with the gun from last week’s show? While returning the gun, Jenny and Captain Irving make plans for Thanksgiving, but they’re interrupted by his ex-wife Cynthia and his daughter Macy.


Fredericks Manor

Ichabod and Abbie find the socialite’s dead bodyguard when they enter the old Fredericks Manor. Then, they find the socialite. A tree is holding her captive. Yes, you read that right; a tree. We have our ‘monster of the week’. Ichabod and Abbie pull Miss Gilbert free of the possessed tree and learn about the manor’s history and its connection to both Ichabod and Abbie. Seems the original owner, Lachlan Fredericks (Craig Trow), was a Warlock who made his house a sanctuary for witches and free slaves. Our dynamic duo search for a way out of the house, but the tree has other plans. Abbey has a vision after meeting Grace Jackson, a ghost who was the maid of the manor. What Abbie sees in this vision is a real shocker. When Abbey tells Ichabod what she witnessed in the vision, he is heartbroken. Katrina was in the house when Fredericks was killed by the possessed tree. Bad news for the possessed tree as Ichabod goes bat shit crazy and hacks it to death.


Conclusion and Giant Spoiler Alert

Tonight’s show was awesome and it had a perfect ghost story. But, no one is having a happy Thanksgiving in Sleepy Hollow. Captain Irving might lose custody of his daughter. It’s his fault; he never visits the girl. Abbie is sad because of her vision. Ichabod learns of his son, but the infant may have been killed by the possessed tree that was sent by the demon Moloch. Abbie and Ichabod’s lives are definitely entwined because Grace Dickson was the one who delivered Katrina’s baby. Abbie and Grace are related. Checkmate. See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

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  1. I wonder if he will find his decendance in future shows.

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