American Horror Story: Coven S03 E07: The Dead

AHS  Jazz Man ep 7

In episode six, we were introduced to a new character, Axeman (Danny Huston). He’s into jazz but he’s also a serial killer who was brought back by Zoe and the other girls to help them find Madison. Ouija boards are dangerous gateways and you never know what kind of riffraff will fall through the cracks. But, sometimes the most dangerous people are the ones you marry. Hank is a bad boy and he’s working against Cordelia and for Marie Laveau. Fiona has to be careful. The Voodoo Queen has an ally. The dead never stay dead and sometimes they buy you a drink at the bar. Do you like jazz? Meet me after the jump.

Toil and Trouble

No one is happy tonight. Poor Kyle is having flashbacks to his pre Frankenkyle school days. He was going places. Wanted to be an engineer and do right by the victims of Katrina. Do what the Army Corp of Engineers didn’t do; fix the damn levies. But now, Kyle can’t even fix himself, he’s a man of many parts. Zoe tries to help him, brings a gun, but changes her mind. Kyle is not part of the living world.

AHS ep 7

Madison is not enjoying her comeback. Nope! Nothing is right with her, not that her life was that great before, but at least she could feel, taste and smell. She’s not really a part of the living world, but birds of a feather tend to flock together. Madison and Frankenkyle get it on, leaving Zoe out of the flock.

Queenie and Delphine have struck an uneasy friendship, and she takes Delphine to her first fast food drive-in. But, Delphine has a past that’s not easy to watch; she was a wicked and cruel woman. Marie Laveau sets a price for Queenie to join team Voodoo; bring Delphine to her. Will she or won’t she?


The Axeman is putting on the jazz and the moves as he smooth talks Fiona into spending the night. Strange that Fiona didn’t refuse, especially with the former tenant dead in the tub. Seems the Axeman has been spying on Fiona since she was a child. He loves her even though she’s losing her hair from the chemo. He’s a killer… but so is she; birds of a feather. See where I’m going with this?

AHS Madison ep 7


After Cordelia talks to her creep of a husband on the phone she bumps into Madison and sees everything that happened. She knows what her mother did. She tells Zoe that Fiona killed Madison and will kill her, too. Zoe doesn’t believe her and questions Spalding. Guess what? Spalding can talk. How? Zoe found his tongue and now he’s telling her everything. Little Zoe is getting her grove on and acting more like a Supreme.

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

I love Kathy Bates, especially, when she and Gabourey Sidibe are in the same scenes. They play off each other so well, so believable. Queenie had a decision to make. Do leopards change their spots, so to speak? Was Delphine a changed woman? Zoe had a decision to make. To protect herself, does she do what needs to be done to learn the truth, even if painful? Fiona had a decision to make. Should she allow herself to be loved; to love?


Queenie delivered Delphine to the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. Zoe forced Spalding to tell the truth about Madison and then she killed him. Fiona trusted her heart and is getting cozy with the Axeman. There is some good news at Miss Robichaux’s Academy of Screw-ups. Zoe was invited to a threesome with Madison and Frankenkyle, but where is our little Nan? See you next week, my little witchy poos.

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