Dracula S01 E04: Darkness to Light

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On last week’s episode, Dracula discovered Lady Jayne’s secret; she captures, tortures and destroys vampires; bad, bad Jayne. Up until this episode, I was a bit upset with the lack of action and bloodletting on the series. I was about to plunge the stake and change channels. I’m a big fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and could not wrap my head around his lackadaisical Dracula. Jonathan’s Henry Tudor from Showtime had more blood thirsty tendencies than this mellow creature of the night. Dracula is known for his blood sucking, killer instincts. He’s supernatural and I expect Dracula to kick butt. Last week, he did, and so did his sidekick Van Helsing. It’s about time! But, my little blood banks, Dracula has his own secrets and we will meet one tonight after the jump.

Dracula - Season 1

Lady Jayne

There is a lone rider on a train, unaware that assailants are close by and ready to attack, but the vampires will not be eating tonight and what they thought a prey turns out to be predator. I know Lady Jayne is one of the bad guys, but she does bad so good. Ninja Jayne slices and dices her way through her attackers. Dracula may have met his match, but he has plans for Jayne; mess with her head.

He makes a date for dinner and then is a no show. Jayne is not happy, but how does Dracula get on her good side? He takes her to see mud wrestling between two women. It works and Jayne demonstrates her own moves later that night. It’s a game you see, but who is the cat and who is the mouse. I love this spy vs. spy routine between Jayne and Grayson and this is one of the reasons the show has improved.


Old Friends

Dracula is calling in his posse and one of the vampires is Joseph Cervenka (Alec Newman), and old friend who will do whatever Dracula commands of him, but he’s dangerous. Renfield doesn’t like this man and advises Dracula to be wary. Cervenka knows about Mina. He has to go!

Dracula - Season 1

Love Triangles

You need a score card to keep up, but here goes: Harker and Dracula Grayson both love Mina; Mina loves Harker, but she also feels something for Grayson and this scares her; Poor Lucy (Katie McGrath),who is arranging the engagement ceremony for the happy couple, is in love with Mina, and Lady Jayne is falling for Grayson. Do they have stuff like this in any of Jane Austen’s books, and does Lucy remind anyone else of Madonna? Who does Renfield love? I want to know his backstory and how he became Dracula’s adviser.

Best Laid Plans

While Dracula plans to win Lady Jayne’s heart and trust, she’s trying to find and kill all the vampires. While Harker tries to learn about a General Shaw and his connection to Lord Thomas Davenport (Robert Bathurst), Davenport hires an assassin to learn everything about the American meddling with the profits of the Order of the Dragon. Everyone is spying on everyone.

Dracula - Season 1

Conclusion and Spoiler

The show was great tonight and I’ll keep watching it as long as it stays great. Dracula wants two things: Mina, and to walk in the sun, but Van Helsing is having problems with Dracula’s blood. Dracula needs a heart to keep the serum running through his veins. Where is the Wizard of Oz when you need him? This show is like watching a game of chess. Dracula sacrificed his knight (Joseph) to get the queen (Jayne), but Renfield has been captured by Davenport’s assassins. Checkmate. See you next week, my little blood banks.

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  1. But they didn’t release one the following week, anyone know why we have to wait till next week?

    1. Last night they had documentaries about the death of President Kennedy and Grimm and Dracula will return next Friday.

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