Sleepy Hollow S01 E07: The Midnight Ride


“Sleepy Hollow” is picking up the slack and last week’s episode was full of surprises and new characters. Ichabod’s sins were swallowed up by the neighborhood Sin Eater, Henry Parrish (John Noble), Katrina is now on speaking terms with Abbie, we met the head of the Brotherhood, Rutledge (James Frain) and Abbie revealed her feelings to Ichabod… hmmm… hope Ichabod’s wife, Katrina, doesn’t catch on. And, last but not least, the headless horseman is back! Will heads roll on tonight’s episode? Follow the bouncing skull.


With another flashback, we get to witness the famous ride of Paul Revere and his men as they ride through the town warning of the British invasion. No! Not the Beatles, but those pesky little redcoats, or ‘regulars’ as Ichabod calls them. But Paul Revere has a tailgater coming up fast behind him. Surprise, it’s our little friend from hell, the headless horseman.

Ichabod learns about the price of bottled water from Abbie. “What have you people done to the water?” Believe me, Ichabod, you don’t want to know. Luke Morales (Nicholas Gonzalez) wants to get back with Abbie, but our very own Pez dispenser Andy Brooks (John Cho) tells Morales to keep away from Abbie. Seems that Andy is part of a special group and Morales isn’t invited. When Abbie tries to reach Morales, he won’t answer her calls.


When Ichabod and Abbie go to visit the Brotherhood AKA Masons, who according to Ichabod are the soldiers in the war against evil, they are indisposed; out of sorts; missing their heads. I guess we won’t be seeing James Frain any time soon. The Horseman wants his head, Ichabod wants it destroyed, but Captain Irving had it shipped out. The fact that Captain Irving still doesn’t believe Ichabod and Abbie that the Headless Horseman is real even with all the bodies piling up, is hilarious. But, when the Horseman comes into the lab shooting a high powered rifle, Irving becomes a believer.


The skull holds the clue, but Ichabod needs to find the pouch given to Paul Revere by Hancock. Yep, several of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons and somehow connected to the Headless Horseman. I could tell some great political jokes right now, but I’ll be good. So off we go to the Paul Revere Museum in search for that pouch that might or might not hold the code. Bad news: the pouch is on loan to a British museum. Good news: the information is on the computer.

Ichabod learns how frustrating the internet can be and accidentally logs on to a porno site before figuring out the code. Cicero. This name is never explained in detail so I was a bit confused, but it was too funny watching Ichabod with the online hooker. Later, when Andy confronts Abbie, he tells her that the Horseman can’t be killed, but he can be captured. Ichabod gives Andy a message to deliver. The game is on!


Skull Envy

Ichabod tries several methods to destroy the Horseman’s skull: hammer, hatchet, acid, explosives, but nothing works. A trap is set and Ichabod and Abbie are betting on modern technology to help them catch and hold captive the Headless Horseman. Does it work? Watch the show.


Abbie and Ichabod are becoming more than friends. They’re both lonely and they’re stuck with each other. I detect a mutual flirting between the two and hope to see it grow into more. So Andy, the dead cop, is back and no one is bothered by this? Ichabod is surprised that Thomas Jefferson fathered children outside of marriage. Really? Why would Ichabod be surprised when infidelity was as common in Colonial days (his time period) as it is today. Abbie’s explanation of why bottled water is better than tap made me laugh. It comes from the same source as tap water; check it out. The tide has turned in favor of the good guys, but I don’t think it will last. See you next week and hang on to your heads.

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