Dracula S01 E03: Goblin Merchant Men

Dracula - Season 1

Hello my little vamps! I hope you had a chance to read Biff Bam Pop’s very own Glenn Walker‘s take on “Dracula,” if not, please do. Well… last week’s episode was somewhat interesting. Mina dumped Harker, the Victorian male chauvinist. Dracula eliminated his enemies, but not fast enough to keep me interested. Ninja Lady Jayne has seers with a magic mirror. I really want this show to succeed, especially since it follows “Grimm,” but so far… I’ve been a bit disappointed in the weak scripts. I’m hoping this show finds its mojo and kicks up the level of horror. This is a vampire story after all, right? Will Dracula kick butt tonight? Find out after the jump.

Dracula - Season 1

Holy blood suckers on a cracker. I wonder if the people over at NBC have been reading my posts about the show because this week’s episode was a big improvement over the last two. It’s about time! We start off with a flashback and Vlad Tepes AKA Dracula beaten and tortured by Crusaders and monks. Surprise, surprise, seems Vlad was turned into what he is by the monks. I bet they didn’t teach you that in Catholic school. Dracula is upset with Van Helsing. He wants to walk in the sun. What’s the rush, you’ll only have to start wearing sunscreen. Now that Dracula/Grayson is a majority stock holder in one of the businesses owned by the Order of the Dragon, Lord Laurent (Anthony Howell) is in big dog doo with the Brotherhood and they’re not a forgiving bunch; those nasty goblins.


The Girls

Mina is mourning the breakup with Harker, but no worries, Lucy has a plan. She takes Mina on an absinthe rollercoaster ride. Back in the old days, this drink had a mighty kick with 120 mg of thujone, and Mina is feeling the glow. When one of the gentlemen at the club puts the move on Mina, he’s sent flying across the room. Yes, Dracula to the rescue, but when he attempts to sweet talk Mina, Lucy interferes. I have this feeling that Lucy isn’t being protective towards Mina, but jealous; Lucy lusts for Mina. That’s my opinion.


Lady Jayne

So, Lady Jayne knows there’s a powerful vampire in town, but she can’t find him. Hmmm… have you checked out Grayson’s pale complexion? Since her magic mirror was destroyed the last time her freaky seers tried to find Dracula, she has to depend on medicine; a drug to enhance their clairvoyant powers. Van Helsing warns Dracula. Lady Jayne and Dracula are spending lots of time in bed, but Dracula is still in the dark when it comes to her connection with the Brotherhood. After a trip to her secret dungeon, he gets his answer and it’s not good.


Dracula knows about the dungeon, but he doesn’t kill Lady Jayne. He loves Mina, but encourages Jonathan Harker to win back Mina’s heart. Dracula is playing his cards, holding them tight to his chest: First Ace, Lord Laurent is executed by the Order of the Dragon and his lover Daniel Davenport handles the news the only way he can; Second Ace, the seers are poisoned and die without revealing the name of the vampire. Third Ace, Mina and Jonathan make up guaranteeing that she stays in Dracula’s reach.

Dracula - Season 1

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

The show has found its mojo! Dracula is a master puppeteer; pulling strings from a distance. His love for Mina palpable; I feel his angst. Renfield is a powerful negotiator when needed and a keeper of his master’s secrets, always. And just when I gave up hope on the show ever having enough horror to keep me watching; Van Helsing comes in with his trusty hammer. Kudos to NBC!

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  1. I agree last night’s show was much better than last week, but I’m not as confident as you, that it has found its mojo. NBC has to find a better time slot or keep up the momentum it started last night. If it can’t be consistently provocative and sensually edgy, it’s going to lose those of us that are pulling for its success. But I’m a sucker for vampires and eye candy, I’ll hang in there for as long as it’s’ here!

    1. Grimm has such a huge following that NBC has to keep Dracula on the same level or it will fall through the cracks. We’ll see what happens next Friday:)

  2. great synopsis. Yes Dracula does appear to be picking up steam. I want to know what going on with the vampire chick in the basement. And I do believe lucy has the hots for Mina as well

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