Avengers Assemble S01 E10 The Doomstroyer


In a rare follow-up to a previous “Avengers Assemble” episode, “The Serpent of Doom,” the Avengers visit Latveria to restabilize the nation since its leader, Doctor Doom, is among the missing. They expect to fight the forces of Hydra and AIM, but what they find is a weird hybrid of Doctor Doom and the Destroyer. Meet me after the jump for my brief review of this week’s episode “The Doomstroyer.”

It is an interesting twist on the classic Fantastic Four story where Doom steals the Silver Surfer’s surfboard and gains the power cosmic. Iron Man however beats me to the punch in asking what Doom’s obsession is with Asgardian stuff recently. I wasn’t satisfied with the answer though, but it does play well with the new Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity this series wants to play in.

Speaking of movies, Thor bails in the heat of battle, and much like the trailers for Thor The Dark World, he returns with Loki …as help. As always happens in the comics, Thor and Loki work together toward a common goal, until brother backstabs brother. Also as might be expected, the team mistrusts Loki at every turn. Yawn.


There’s a great line from the Hulk when Iron Man says they’re both on the defense team, “Do I look like a Defender to you?” Beautiful. Whoever wrote that one deserves a raise. I liked Hulk as a Defender, and I like him as an Avenger, but I always thought his presence on the former team always made more sense.

There’s also my old argument that the powers that be behind this show have a problem with traditional Avengers villains. In this episode alone we have Doom, Loki, the Destroyer, the Midgard Serpent, and a bunch of Trolls. What do we have? The FF’s archenemy and bevy of Thor threats. Come on now, what’s a brother gotta do to get some Kang, Ultron, and Zodiac up in this toon? Heck, I’ll even take Fabian Stankowicz at this point.


All in all, “The Doomstroyer” was not a bad episode, a little predictable, but not a good episode either. Characterization has definitely improved. Next time: Hulked Out Heroes!

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