J.J. Abrams’ S. Mystery Box


What was at first thought to be a new film, TV or online project from J.J. Abrams, of Star Wars and Star Trek fame, has turned out to be in fact, a book, and not even his.  S. is a forthcoming novel by Doug Dorst that comes out at the end of October and was based on an Abrams concept at least.  More after the jump.

The trailer in question is for the novel, which according to sources tells the tale of two college students who communicate with each other by writing in the margins of a fictional novel called “Ship of Theseus.”  When S. is released, it will be a full package, the novel, and the book the novel’s about will be included, complete with notes and other knick-knacks.  Quite an intriguing idea.

Here’s the trailer:





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