Madefire – The Future of Motion Comics


Technology moves so quickly these days, so quickly that sometimes we can’t even keep up with it. Madefire is technology so new it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet! All kidding aside, for those of us who love our comics in digital form, you can forget standard motion comics, flash animation, even ComiXology to an extent. Madefire takes even Thrillbent to the next level. Meet me after the jump to learn more about Madefire, the future of motion comics.

This week IDW Publishing has joined with Madefire to give them an even higher profile. Comics, or more accurately, episodes of Star Trek, Transformers, and My Little Pony are now available in free preview from the Madefire app so you can see how they work, and what this new technology is bringing to the table.

This is beyond the motion comic, which, let’s be honest, besides the Spider-Woman theme song in Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D., were really little more than smoother and more realistically rendered version of the old limited animation of the 1966 “Marvel Super Heroes” cartoons. Flash animation at its best, and sometimes its worst – reading the actual comics was frequently a better experience.

Some greats of the comic book field, along with many others, versed in the graphic arts – including Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Mark Texeira, Mike Carey, Liam Sharp, and Bill Sienkiewicz among others – have joined together to bring two-dimensional comics into the present day, and the future. This is the next step in the revolution, and it’s called the Motion Book Tool.


Madefire is doing all the things that have been done before with digital comics, but they are doing them better with the Motion Book Tool. They take static two-dimensional images and by moving the foreground, the background, and the central figures, they create the illusion of movement. Sound effects are added as well, and most of all, a cinematic flow from one panel to the next in a unique pattern many before haven’t even attempted. And it does it at your pace, as you read.

More than that, Madefire rises above the competition in their creators first initiative. The new technology allows creators new and old to experience a new level of creativity, and a new way to tell stories. Now static grid comic images can be constructed with optimal storytelling in mind. This new mode can only get better as the technology improves and old and new masters learn how it’s done.


Now I just downloaded the app today, to experience the new alliance they have with IDW. I check out the free previews with Transformers, and yes, even My Little Pony, but I was really blown away by the Star Trek, of which I bought the whole episode. This is an adventure of the J.J. Abrams Enterprise crew, on their way out of the galaxy and into the unknown. Simple premise, but Madefire brings it alive in ways I hadn’t thought possible. The app is free, and the three IDW previews are free – check it out.

Honestly I can’t pretend to know how it’s done, but I do know this has been one of the best digital reading experiences I’ve had. I know I can’t wait for Episode 2 of Star Trek. This truly is the future of digital comics.

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