True Blood S06 E08: Dead Meat

Sookie s6 e8

They’re dropping fasting than flies and sleazy politicians. Yes, my little bloodsuckers; another one bit the dust; poor Lady Nora. Eric’s sister was given tainted blood, and Bililith would not help her. What else happened in episode seven? Plenty: Alcide is in big wolf doodoo with his pack; Bill is now able to walk in the sun; Jessica may have found true love. But the real star of episode 07 was the ever tyrannical Sarah Newlin. Not only did she step right into the Governor’s shoes, but she demonstrated to friend and foe alike, why women make better leaders. To disagree with Sarah means a trip to the feeding tank. Will Sarah run for President in 2016? I hope she does, Congress needs some ass kicking, but until then, let’s find out what’s happening in good old Bon Temps.


The Vamps

You know that bottle of Tums that I keep handy when I’m watching “The Walking Dead?” Well I needed it tonight! So much happened, but I will try my best to give you the run down. Everyone is in a fighting mood. Eric is really, really pissed with Bill, who did absolutely nothing to save Nora. It seems that Bill has selective predictions of the future; he can only see what he wants to see.

Bill wants Warlow, but Warlow and Sookie don’t trust Bill. Can you blame them? Problem is if Sookie helps Bill then she must become Warlow’s vamp faerie for all eternity. Sookie doesn’t do eternity. But, when Sookie tries to set up a meeting, Bill is obnoxious; they argue; she storms away. Bill has been a real pain in the butt this whole season. He and Eric should have saved the others by now, but it might be too late.

Jessica and James are separated from each other, but not before she warns him about the blood. So what does James do? He tells Rev. Steve, who is blabbing on and on about his miserable school days. Bad move, the guards notice that the two are not drinking the tru blood. On the other hand, Violet (Karolina Wydra) has a steady supply of untainted blood all wrapped up and sitting pretty. Our poor Jason is in a real pickle. Violet wants Jason all to herself for eternity, like forever. She’s a vamp, but she’s also Medieval Catholic, and a “until death do we part” sort of girl.

When Sarah the diabolical learns that certain vampires are not drinking the tainted blood, she has them hauled into the tanning room. Never get Sarah Newlin angry; she goes a little fanatical. I hope Pam, Tara, Willa, Jessica, James and Rev. Steve remembered to bring the sunscreen.

Alcide s6 e8

The Shifters

Rikki (Kelly Overton) is fighting mad. She wants to be the top dog. She wants Nicole and her mom, dead. Alcide and Rikki do some kung Fu fighting and Rikki loses big time. Alcide returns Nicole to Sam. Sam and Alcide are now friends; how nice. I’m not too sure where the writers are going with the shifters and you never know who is friend or foe. But don’t worry; Sam will be too busy knitting baby booties to do any fighting. Confused? Watch the show, my little blood sucker.

Sookie ep 8 se 6

The Humans

Arlene is lost without Terry and it’s up to Lafayette to make sure that she eats. When Lafayette tells Arlene about the life insurance policy, she is ready to hunt down Justin. Sookie is at a loss on who to trust. Warlow wants her, but under his conditions. Bill can’t be trusted at all. Alcide is conveniently busy with pack problems, but when Sookie goes to Sam and tries to hook up with him; it just didn’t ring true. That part of the script was weak; made no sense. After Sookie visits her parent’s graves, she takes Bill to see Warlow, but they may be too late. Someone has beaten them to the punch. Revenge is best served with the help of faerie blood. Our little stud muffin was a busy boy and found a way to find Warlow.

Sarah e8s6


Tonight’s episode was mostly about Sookie’s choice of men and who to trust with her life. Sookie is placing her life in the hands of others. Don’t, Sookie! Take some pointers from our ever diabolical, no nonsense, quick thinking, and deadly, Sarah Newlin. When Ms. Suzuki (Tamlyn Tomita) demands to see the Governor, Sarah puts her foot down and wipes the floor with the unfortunate representative of the Tru Blood Corporation. Sarah is a little wild cat, and she has god on her side and Ms. Suzuki’s bloody high heeled shoe in her hand. Sarah’s (Anna Camp) crazy lady tactics makes up for all the weak spots on the show. I can’t wait to see what she does next week.

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  1. Does it bother anyone else that Warlow keeps saying how he has been in love with Sookie for 6,000 years? He has known her for about a week. If anything he is in love with the idea of her, but that is a very different thing. I wish she would point that out to him to buy herself some more time to make this eternal decision.

  2. I love your reviews of True Blood. I look forward to reading them on Monday!

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