True Blood S06 E06: Don’t You Feel Me?

Sookie ep 6 so 6

Holy Blood Suckers in a bottle! Last week’s episode ended with Eric and Pam in a fight to the death, thanks to the ever devious bible thumping Sarah (Anna Camp) and her ex, Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian). Sarah figured out that if the sexy corset didn’t win over the Governor; maybe… cruelty would. Lafayette is possessed and giving Sookie swimming lessons. Will our favorite vampires survive the fun filled activities of Bon Temp’s Vamp Camp? Does Sookie own a life preserver? Find out after the jump.


This girl’s middle name is trouble. When Ben saves Sookie from Lafayette… Oh you’re just as surprised as me, right? How did Ben get out of Bill’s clutches? Anyway, after Ben saves Sookie, he does a drive by exorcism on Lafayette and Sookie gets to send ghost daddy packing. But, Bill has control over Ben and orders him to return to the Compton manor. Sookie has an ace up her sleeve and transports her and Ben to a faerie sanctuary and then ties him to a tree. Ooh! What wild game is Sookie playing?


Vamp Camp

The Governor, Steve and Sarah are waiting for the show to begin. They want Eric and Pam to fight to the death, but our dynamic duo spoil Sarah’s plans. Unfortunately, Eric is locked up and forced to watch Nora poisoned with a virus. Anna Camp plays one hell of a bad ass villain. You love to hate her.

Jason pretends to be a card carrying vampire slayer and signs up for Vamp Camp, but he’s forgotten how bad our little Sarah is. She tricks him into watching what happens in the Copulation Study Room. Okay, before I go any further, I have one question. Why didn’t we have classes like this at summer camp? Jason is shocked to learn just how evil our little Sarah is, and he’s not too happy about the test subjects.

The Governor is a madman and he’s producing tainted Tru Blood. My question is, what will the Governor feed Willa if the blood is bad? And who can stop him if all the vampires are locked up? And where the hell is Bill?

Lafayette seriously needs to put a “do not disturb” sign on his door. Everyone comes knocking with a problem. Terry (Todd Lowe) drops by and gives Lafayette the key to his safety deposit box and a goodbye hug. We all know what that means, but will anyone be able to save Terry if they don’t know about Terry’s conversation with Justin (Gideon Emery).


In what I considered, a big waste of time, Andy has to give daughter # 4 a name. Who cares? I don’t. But, for some reason, the writers thought it was important. She’s not important to the story. But, when Andy finally does name child # 4, he gives her four names. Give me a break!

Alcide is hunting for Sam, but I’m still not sure why. It’s so out of character for Alcide. Why the big ruckus to have Emma to stay with the pack? Why can’t the child stay with Sam? He would take good care of her. And, speaking of Alcide, there was a scene where Alcide confronts his father and his wolfie girlfriend at a motel. The only thing covering this girl’s private parts was a bucket of fried chicken. This show is too funny.


Big Bad Bill

Bill is outsmarted by Sookie and can’t find Ben; gotcha! Bill finally realizes that Jessica is missing. Aren’t the vampires supposed to sense when their progeny is in trouble? Was this a slip-up on the part of the writers? Anyway, Bill has the good professor, Hido Takahashi (Keone Young) give him an infusion of special blood. He gets to meet with Lilith (Jessica Clark). Lilith is pissed and she tells Mr. Smarty pants off. It’s about time. Bill is a big disappointment to her, and he needs to get his act together.

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

Bill finally gets his act together and goes head to head with the Governor. You need to watch this episode to see what I’m talking about. Eric discovers that the Tru Blood the Governor is cooking up, is contaminated; bad news for vamps. Sookie takes control of her life and does the bad thing with Ben. You remember Terry? Will even though Arlene thought that she helped him over his depression by erasing his memories; she didn’t; and he’s dead. Be careful of what you ask for, my little blood suckers.

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