True Blood S06 E05: F**k the Pain Away

Sookie and Warlow se 6, ep 5

Last week was all about the girls. It’s hard being a woman in Bon Temps especially if you hang around with vampires. Just ask Andy’s faerie daughters. They learned the hard way; choose your friends wisely. And, what about the Governor’s daughter, Willa, you dare to ask? She learned two lessons: sometimes you get what you asked for; and even if you’re a vampire; life sucks. Join me, after the jump, as we visit the town of Bon Temps for a spoiler-filled peek.

se 6 ep 5 Bill and Jessica

The Men

This episode, directed by Michael Ruscio and written by Angela Robinson, was all about the men; the power hungry, angry, pissed off men. Let’s start with Billith, Bill possessed by Lillith. After drinking Andy’s faerie daughters dry, Jessica is feeling a little perky and tries to do the bad thing with Bill. Does he try to help his prodigy through her faerie high? Nope, instead he sashays over to Sookie’s house and interferes with Warlow’s explaining to Sookie why he had to kill her parents. Say what??

Bill can control Warlow. Why? To find out we need to do a National Geographic walk down memory lane to 3495 B.C. Lilith not only does the bad thing with the prehistoric faerie Warlow, but she turns him into a vampire. Warlow forgets all about his pregnant wife and his village and runs away with Lilith. Isn’t love grand? So, let’s get back to good old split personality, Bill, who is also Lilith: Billilith is Warlow’s maker and Billilith wants Warlow’s blood. Is Bill getting on everyone’s last nerve like he’s getting on mine? He’s so full of himself.

Sarah, ep 5 so 6

The Governor is pissing off Sarah. She wants his daughter, Willa, dead. Sarah’s wearing black lingerie and wants the Governor’s baby. The Governor won’t kill Willa and doesn’t care about Sarah’s Victoria Secret outfit. Bad move old man. You’ve just pissed off a religious horny woman. Your days are numbered.

So who does Sarah go visit in her little black corset? I love Jason, but he can’t keep his pants zippered, if his life depended on it. He and Sarah are the only ones in this episode getting it on! But, like Sookie, he also has a revolving door to house.  Jessica, still high and horny from faerie blood, drops by. Sarah’s not happy and not nice to Jessica.

Eric is the only one trying to do the right thing in this episode. He and Tara allow themselves to be captured in order to save Pam. In one of the wackiest versions of racket ball that I’ve ever seen, Eric is pitted against other vamps in order to model the latest in prison wear.

The staff working at the prison is a bit strange. Pam is given therapy. She wants the Copulation Study Room (I kid you not), but her therapist makes her a better offer; human donor for information. Willa is learning that Daddy’s guards are pigs. Jessica and Tara must protect each other from the other prisoners.


Poor Lafayette is dragged into another fine mess when Sookie asks him to do some Voodoo hoodoo to find out if her parents really did try to kill her when she was a child.  Yep, we are going to have a séance; paging Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse… paging… but, a little advice from a professional ghost hunter. Be careful of what you ask the dead. Lafayette is possessed by Sookie’s angry dad who’s intent on finishing what he started years ago.


Alcide is pissed! He’s looking for Emma, but for some strange reason fights with his dad. Sam is on the run with Nicole and Emma and he’s not too happy. Andy is horrified to find three of his daughters dead. He saves the fourth by giving her vamp blood. He’s pissed off and wants to kill Bill. Terry is getting weird again. He wants another army friend to shoot him. Justin (Gideon Emery) looks pissed off enough to take up Terry’s offer. Like I said in the beginning; a lot of pissed off men.

Sookie & Lafayette ep 6,so 5


From the title of the show, I expected to see a little more action between the sheets, but except for Jason with Sarah and prehistoric Warlow with Lilith, there wasn’t much in the sex department and I did not get to see Eric in the nude… sigh! On the other hand, we were given a hint about the connection between Niall and Warlow, plus, the Governor is invited to watch a vampire fight to the death by Sarah Newlin and her ex; Steve.

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