True Blood S06 E04: At Last

True-Blood-Season-6-Episode-4-Video-Preview-At-Last-622x349What better way to top off a great 4th of July weekend than to visit the town of Bon Temps and our frisky little vampires. Last week, we watched as Steve Newlin learned firsthand about karma payback; she’s called Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). The last person you want to meet at a torture facility is your angry ex. Lot’s happened and we have questions: Will the Governor continue to phone tap Eric? Will Bill order take out from Andy’s home? Will Sam rescue Emma? Will Sookie and Ben get it on? Will we ever see Eric naked? Let’s find out together.

Girl’s Night

Tonight’s episode was all about the ladies. Oh sure, the men were there: Eric, Bill, Jason, Ben, Sam, Andy and the Gov., but it was all about the girls and what they wanted. But… my little blood banks… the big question is; did they get what they wanted? You be the judge.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) has a bad habit of letting the wrong men into her house and her bed. You’d think she would have learned after Bill’s betrayal, but no, she keeps that revolving door unlocked and in stumbled Ben. Sookie has the hots for Ben, but he has a secret and Jason is part of it. She’s invites Ben over for a romantic dinner for two.

Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) are not too happy with Eric and his new pet, Willa. They hate the mad hatter Governor and they hate his daughter, Willa, even more. They can’t understand what Eric sees in the girl, so Tara hides her. When Eric demands that Tara tell him where she hid Willa, she tells him off. Tara hasn’t read the Vampire rule book about obeying her makers. Tara rocks! But, her arguing with Pam has its consequences.

tbs6promo604002Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) wants to be with Eric. She wants to do bad things with him. When Eric offers her the eternal night life, she practically jumps his bones; she’s horny for the stud muffin. But after she’s changed, Eric sends her home to Daddy. Poor Willa, she never got to do the bad thing and she has some big explaining to do to dear old dad and his new sidekick.

Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) is jinxed. Yes our Sarah has gone through an unhappy marriage to a bible thumping, loser who is now a player for the other team and a vampire. Even Jason proved to be a big disappointment; he being a hit and run kind of lover. Now she’s the Governor’s sidekick and she’s hyped up on killing vampires; all of them. But the Governor is now the proud papa of a vampire, thanks to Eric, and can’t bring himself to stake his daughter. Sarah has to take matters into her own hands.

Jessica ep 604 True BloodJessica (Deborah Ann Woll) is up to her neck in weird stuff. When Bill decides to use Andy’s faerie daughters for an experiment with Dr. Takahashi’s (Keone Young) help, Jessica tries to protect the girls. The girls have morphed within hours to barely clad teenagers who want to party. The girls head over to the neighborhood liquor store and Jessica talks them into partying at her house. The girls, who have given their share of blood to be tested are tired and want to go home. Jessica tries to stop them; bad things happen. I love Jessica. She is a goody two shoes, and tries her best to make everyone happy, but sometimes when you’re too nice; you get walked over.

Nicole (Jurnee Smollett Bell) was bitten by a werewolf. Will she change, become a shape shifter? And who is that horse, she’s hanging around with?

Nora (Lucy Griffiths) is Chicken Little, running around warning people about Warlow and Lilith, but no one will listen to her.

Ginger (Tara Buck) our favorite flaky Fangtasia barmaid is arrested by the Governor for trying to protect her vampire employers. Is it just me or is her constant screaming getting on your nerves, too?

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

It doesn’t really matter if you’re human, vampire or shape shifter, if you’re a woman living in Bon Temps, your heart is going to be broken, or worse; eaten. There were a lot of spoiler alerts in this episode, but I’ll only tell you one… Sookie finally got her shit together.

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