True Blood S06 E02: The Sun

true blood s6, the sunLilith makes house calls; Warlow is in town; the Governor is on a rampage, and poor Jessica is stuck with Bill! What could go wrong? Let’s find out together, my little blood suckers, after the jump.


The man who picked up Jason is not Warlow, but Jason and Sookie’s great grandfather. Or so he says. Niall (Rutger Hauer) is a faerie king and that makes Sookie a faerie princess. Unfortunately, the faerie genes skipped right over our Jason; that boy has no luck.

True-Blood-Sookie-and-BenNiall tells Jason and Sookie that Warlow (who looks like ZZ Top) is a very old vampire and he’s already in Bon Temps; they have to prepare. Niall teaches Sookie how to use her super nova powers, but she can only use this power once.

Earlier in the day, Sookie found an injured Halfling; half faerie/half human named Ben (Rob Kazinsky). Says he was attacked by a vampire; wants to ask Sookie out; they compare notes on being faeries; I don’t trust him. But, Sookie took him home with her. Could this be the cause of all her problems? Maybe.

Magic Bullets

Eric finds out that the ammo used on Tara by the Governor’s soldiers are silver bullets that can emit UV light. Everyone is freaking out; there isn’t enough sunscreen to go around. Pam goes mental on Nora and Eric declares war on the Governor. And what is our little Billilith up to? Well, he’s channeling the future. See what happens when you drink Lilith’s blood. Jessica orders take out for Bill, but when the human edible arrives, Bill treats her like a pretzel and drains her dry. Bill is in contact with Lilith who is not only clean but also clothed. Finally, they gave poor Jessica Clark some clothes. I almost didn’t recognize her.

true-blood-season-6-EricHoly Daily Planet

Eric pulls a Clark Kent and poses as a reporter to get into the Governor’s mansion. I kid you not! He wore glasses and had dork hair. When he tries to glamor the Governor, he fails. The sneaky Gov. has special contact lenses. I wonder if those contacts work on unwanted house guests. When the soldiers try to take Eric to jail, he flies away; just like that man in the red cape. Later, Eric returns and visits the Governor’s daughter. Will she let him into her room? Hell, yes. Who could say no to the stud muffin? Right!


All kinds of people show up at the bar. Patrick’s wife shows up looking for her husband. Should Terry tell her the truth? Arlene and Terry pick plan B; they say that Patrick ran off with another woman. A group of civil rights activists come to speak with Sam. Nicole Wright (Jumee Smollett-Bell) is a freedom fighter for vampires and wants Sam and all the other shape shifters to come out of the closet. This child has no idea what she’s getting into.

While Sam deals with the crazies in his bar, Lafayette is babysitting Emma; they look like matching Barbie Dolls. When Alcide and Martha take Emma away from Sam, Nicole and her friends witness the fight and take pictures.

Bill and Jess s6Will the Real Bill Compton Please Stand Up?

Poor Jessica has no clue on how to handle Bill and she’s sort of his prisoner. Is he Bill or is he Lilith? After what he did to his human blood bank, Jessica thinks that Bill is the new vampire god. Bill is busy channeling Lilith, who tells him to get his act together. Bill comes out of his trance to watch the news; he’s angry. Yeah, the news has the same effect on me, too.


The Governor’s got his super anti-vampire weapons, but our vampires have been around for a very long time; let’s see who wins. Eric was a hoot as a mild mannered reporter. I can’t wait to find out who Warlow is. So, the question for tonight is: Is Lilith good or bad? Nora was doing Bible Study 101 and she may have found a clue.

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  1. I really liked your blog. Had me laughing. Bill comes out of his trance to watch the news; he’s angry. Yeah, the news has the same effect on me, too. too funny

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