Mat Langford’s Gaming World – Microsoft E3 rundown!


Microsoft just finished their conference at E3, and if you missed it, here’s the quick and dirty on what was presented:

First of all, the Xbox One is releasing in November, and will cost $499 US, no surprise there. It features, among other things, a Game DVR which saves videos and and publishes them to the internet. What was really cool though, is the new TWITCH live streaming integration for instant streaming of your games. Also, no more MS Points, they’re switching to real money. There is also no need to log on to enjoy Xbox Live Gold benefits anymore, letting anyone in your house play online in multi-player matches on your console.

But lets get to the games! Here they are, in the order they were announced:

– New Metal Gear Solid…looks really good, very exciting. Looks to be really story driven.

Xbox Live Gold members get 2 free game downloads each month, to keep. Starting with Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3. A lot like PS+, but apparently you can KEEP these ones evenif you downgrade.

World of Tanks coming to 360. no-brainer really with its performance on PC.

Max: the Curse of Brotherhood, cool looking platformer, cartoon style graphics. Could be really good – coming to 360.

Dark Souls II – Looks impressive, great visuals, probably harder than all hell – coming to 360.

Ryse: Son of Rome – Xbox One new exclusive franchise. Looks HOLY S*&% incredible. You’re a roman that attacks castles and commands an army of warriors. Hack and slash dynamics, but with a button press system that allows you to pull off some awesome kills. The gamplay footage was awesome.

Killer Instinct, Xbox One exclusive – Can’t wait for this, looks incredible, plus with Twitch integration, it should make for an exciting new age fighter. Definately a fan favorite!

Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One exclusive – not even sure what it is, but it’s multiplayer. Monster killing using rifles and record-player cannons and adding power canisters to your gun to create a nuclear bomb, all in an open world with friends. Seems fun.

Forza 5, Xbox One – brought a nice Maclaren P1 on stage, but not much else. Talked about focusing on real-world detail. Also Drivatars where your friends – even when they’re not online – can race you using their profiled habits and skills.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition – Same game as always, but apparently bigger worlds and better multiplayer.

Quantum Break, Xbox One exclusive – Integrates with a TV Show, familiar? The game looks cool with a guy rescuing a girl during an explosion while time has stopped. They pull her out as time starts again and all hell breaks loose.

D4, Xbox One – an Episodic murder mystery with painted style graphics. Didn’t seem much.

Project Spark, Xbox One – Interesting game creation tool/game, utilizes smart glass as well to build and distort terrain while you build games from- literally – the ground up. Infinite number of ways to play, build and share.

Crimson Dragon, Xbox One exclusive – looks like Lair for PS3.

Dead Rising 3, Xbox One – looks incredible, open world, 100’s of weapon combinations. We watched the main character try to get out of a neighborhood using weapons he finds on the ground.

Witcher 3, Xbox One – Looks incredible as always, open world, awesome looking battles. This is apparently the last in the saga, so it should be good!

Battlefield 4: Second Assault – issues starting the video, but when it did it looked amazing. Got a good 5 minutes of gameplay including a ship deck battle and lots of gunplay. Battlefield 4 second assault map pack exclusively first on Xbox One.

Below, Xbox One – Made by the guys from Superbros. Sword and Sworcery! Looks fun and inventive! Overhead angle with what looks like very interactive worlds.

Black tusk studios gave a glimpse of…something. Lots of fireworks.

NEW HALO! Not much shown though, just a cinematic in a desert, where a giant mech appears and MC reveals himself by taking off his hood and stares up at it.

Titanfall, Xbox One – Mech game that looks pretty awesome. Equal parts mech and foot soldier, it seems to be a great all around shooter and I’m looking forward to playing it!

And there you have it, surprised by anything? Hate anything? Wish they had shown more? Let us know in the comments!

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