Orphan Black, Episode 9: Unconscious Selection

OBep 9 KiraWe’re getting to see how the clones react and handle danger. Each was raised differently; each reacts differently. Is this a combination of nature vs. nurture? Maybe, but unlike other species, we can think outside the genetic code. We don’t have to do what we’re wired to do; free will? Like to think so… but maybe our genes have the final say. Richard Dawkins wrote a great book called The Selfish Gene, which I highly recommend reading if you’re seriously interested in all factions of genetic science. The police are getting closer to the truth. The clones don’t know who to trust; Cosima is blind to the enemy that shares her bed. Helena is a clone killer, but hesitates with Sarah and little Kira. Has her actions caused the child’s death? Dr. Leekie doesn’t like his employees to screw up; make a mistake and you’re tossed out like an old pair of genes. Pun intended!



Kira is close to death. Sarah and Mrs. S are with her in the ambulance. While Sarah, Mrs. S, Felix and Alison wait outside the emergency room, Kira is healing, as the medical staff work on her. What has Kira inherited from her mother? Mutations happen in nature and maybe they happen faster with clones. When Cosima finds out about Kira’s miraculous healing, she does some research and finds out that there is a slight variation in the DNA sequence of the clones; a way to tell them apart; if you know what to look for.

Here’s a fun fact: Scientists are now classifying animals using DNA. What does this mean? It was once thought that there was only one species of clipper butterflies; with DNA we see the variations; know the truth, there are several. The classifications are corrected and updated.

OBep 9 FelixAlison and Felix

I love Felix. Alison is afraid to go home alone; stays at Felix’s apartment; cleans like a banshee, going as far as to clean and disinfect his drug and sex paraphernalia. When Felix takes Alison home, they walk into an intervention. Everyone is there, including her mother-in-law and the bitch neighbor. When Alison panics and locks herself in the bathroom, Felix gives her a pep talk and a lesson in “Back Stabbing 101.” Alison tells off Aynesley, and Donnie throws everyone out. It’s about time he protected his wife.


Everyone is mad at the Geek. They think she’s telling secrets to Delphine. Cosima fights with Delphine; tells her she doesn’t trust her. Delphine is crushed. Hey, Delphine works for Dr. Leekie. I don’t trust her either.


Art is trying to keep his partner from going to the Captain. He needs time to figure out what’s going on. He watches a video of the ‘suicide by train’ and sees both Beth and Sarah on the video. Does he still think that Sarah and Beth are twins? His partner is tired of keeping information from the Captain and a warrant is put out for Sarah.

OBep 9 HelenaHelena

Okay, she’s crazy, but I’m starting to like the Mad Hatter. The priest, Thomas, is upset that Helena did not bring him the child. He’s so upset that he locks her in a cage. I can only imagine what type of childhood she had with this creep. Helena calls Sarah for help. When Sarah releases Helena from the cage, Helena hugs her; but then, Thomas returns. The clones get away, but Sarah locks Helena in the trunk of her car. I don’t know why.

Dr. Leekie

Paul introduces Dr. Leekie to Sarah. Why does Paul trust him? Leekie is a killer and a liar and tricks Sarah into looking for Helena; he wants to help Helena. Yeah, right and I have a bridge to sell you. The doctor has to answer to somebody, and when Sarah doesn’t bring Helena to him, he makes a call. But who’s his boss? We get a glimpse.

Big, Big Spoiler Alert

Sarah has a twin! This show never has a dull moment. Mrs. S introduces Sarah to her birth mother; a surrogate mother, who after learning what was planned for the children, took the twins and gave them away. Where is Sarah’s twin? Locked in the trunk!


Sarah is getting hit from all sides. Who can she trust? Kira tells her to trust Helena. Alison and Felix were too funny in this episode. You had to see his expression when he entered his apartment and “everything” was put in its proper place. Cosima needs to win back the trust of the other clones and fast. There is real science going on in Orphan Black. Make sure you read Cosima’s blogs and the Hive Recap.

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