Bates Motel, Episode 8: A Boy and His Dog

Bates-Motel-A-Boy-and-His-DogNorman has a mean streak; the man in room 9, a freak; Norma’s paddling up a creek. What am I talking about? Last week’s episode was revealing, especially how Norman handles disappointments; don’t let him dog sit for you. The townsfolk know everything that happened at the motel and are shunning Norma big time. I’ve heard of small town gossip, but how did the residents of White Pine Bay learn about Norma’s secrets? Mr. Abernathy is a strange duck, kind of slimy. Will he bring more trouble to the Bates? Let’s find out together after the jump.


Will (Ian Hart) Emma’s dad is teaching Norman all about the world of taxidermy and their first project is Norman’s dog. Norman has this thing about collecting mementos (remember the belt) and is a little too excited about his newest after school project. When Norma finds out about Norman’s newest hobby she goes to speak to Will. She wants Norman to act normal, fit in with the rest of the world (Yeah like that’s really going to happen) Will is confused about her concern and asks, “What could go wrong with him learning this hobby?” I’m sure that everyone watching the show can name a few examples of “What could go wrong.”

Bates-Motel-Episode-8-Video-Promo-A-Boy-and-His-Dog-622x349Teenage Angst

While Emma is in the restroom, she hears some classmates gossiping about Bradley and weird Norman. Emma storms out of the stall and (Did I mention how much I like Emma; she rocks!) tells the girls off, but in doing so let’s slip that Bradley and Norman had sex. Guess how fast that news made it through the entire school? Bradley is upset and yells at Norman who storms out of school. Mrs. Watson witnesses the argument and tries to calm down Norman, but he freaks out on her and goes home. Later Norman finds Emma and tells her off, but after she explains why she said what she said, they make up; friends to the end, but whose end?

Not My Kid

When Norma is called into the Principals office and they explain that Norman isn’t fitting in, Norma tries to lay the blame on the teachers. They suggest a therapist for the boy; Norma storms out of school. Do you see a pattern here? Norma takes her son to see Dr. Fumhiro Kurata (Hiro Kanagawa) and the good doctor gets to observe the best ventriloquist act, ever. Whenever he asks Norman a question, Norma replies. Tired of the stage show, the doctor suggests that Norma remove her hand from her puppet. Norma isn’t  happy and her spider fangs come out after the doctor goes as far as to suggest that she needs help; ouch!

boy3-710x400Road Trip

Dylan and Remo (Ian Tracy) are given orders from the big boss, Gil (Vincent Gale) to pick up trimmers (people to handle the marijuana plants) it’s an overnight trip and Dylan and Remo fight over seniority. Dylan finds out that there is a bigger boss than Gil, who doesn’t take kindly to his staff quitting, ever. They pick up some hippie type slackers to bring back to town.

Sheriff Romero

Norma stops by to visit the Sheriff, why? They’re planning on building a bypass, which will destroy the little business that she gets at the motel. Norma wants to be part of the town committee to maybe change their minds. When Sheriff Romero (Nester Carbonell) refuses to help, she threatens to tell the town about the deputy and his side job. The Sheriff hits her with a bigger threat. The spider has met her match and a predator she can’t control; Norma backs down. But she has bigger problems waiting for her at the motel.


Norma is getting a little freaked out with the man in room #9. What is Mr. Abernathy (Jere Burns) up to? She follows Abernathy to the dock and watches as he searches for something on a boat. What is he looking for? He catches her spying on him; he knows that she and the deputy were lovers. He thinks Norma has something that belongs to him. She tells him to get out of her motel. He does, but he leaves with a warning; “You’ll be sorry.”

21-norman-works-on-junoConclusion and a Big Fat Spoiler

Dylan and Remo bring the hippie trimmers back to the motel and rent rooms from Norma. She’s so happy to have people (less slimy and scarier than her former renter) staying at the motel; she offers to take Dylan out for dinner. But when she goes to her room to change, she finds an unwelcomed guest in her bed, the deader than a doorknob, deputy. It’s not all bad, though, at least Norman is happy.

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