Bates Motel, Episode 7: The Man in Number 9

Bates The man in number 9Last week’s episode, The Truth, had non-stop action and lots of web building. No, I’m not talking Spider-Man; I’m talking Norma Louise, predator extraordinaire. Because of her conniving ways and her many lies, she put her whole family in jeopardy. She let big brother Dylan in on a secret about Norman, but was it the truth or just another thread to add to her spider’s web? Maybe we’ll find out together after the jump.

To Tell the Truth

The Sheriff shows up to the Bates Motel and wants to know who killed his deputy. Norma, Dylan and Norman tell him everything, well mostly everything, and his reply was? “Okay, this is the version we’re going with.” The Sheriff’s version is, Shelby killed Keith over the girl, and the Sheriff killed Shelby while protecting the Bates. What? This town is koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs. Is everybody crazy and is anyone looking for the missing girl?

bates jere burnsStrangers

A really creepy guy pulls up to the motel and asks Dylan where the old motel is and Dylan tells the man the business is under new management. Later that night Norma finds the man trying to get into room #9. She rents Mr. Abernathy room #9, but when Dylan knocks on the door for a driver’s license and credit card, the man will only pay in cash. When Dylan asks Mr. Abernathy what type of work he does, the man replies, “I’m in sales.” I wonder if those sales have to do with young girls because later Mr. Abernathy makes arrangements with Norma to rents all the motel rooms once a month for “Sales.”


Norman’s got it bad for Bradley, but Emma has it bad for Norman. When Norma takes Emma out shopping to cheer her up (Norman didn’t want to play) Emma tells Norma about Bradley and later points her out. Norma is not a happy camper and Bradley is now on the hit list. Norma, always the spider, spins her web and gives Norman her version of the “Birds and bees talk, except in Norma’s version the birds kill the bees. Norman argues with mother dearest and runs out of the house.

Big Fat Spoiler Alert

When Norman goes over to Bradley’s house, she tells him that although they had sex, it was a one night stand. Ouch! His heart broken Norman walks home. Norman’s pet dog (a stray that Norman found) is on the road waiting for his master. What does Norman do? Calls the dog onto the road as a car approaches. Norman then tells Mom that he wants to have the dog stuffed. Yuck! This is so gross.


I think the only normal people in this town are Emma and Dylan, plus Norman might not be the victim that we all assumed he was. I’m really getting into the show and love all the crazy characters that keep showing up. But where is Jiao?

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