Bates Motel, Episode 6: The Truth

Bates_Motel_4_4_21_13Episode 5 was an edge of the seat type of show. How edgy? In the least amount of words, here we go! Norma jailed, boys post bail, evidence hightailed, and case fails. Want more? Dylan wants out; friend pays out, goodbye friend; lights out. Wait there’s more. Teen love, Norman is, but Bradley isn’t. Emma’s hunch saves victim; hide her well, will Norma let them? What the heck am I talking about? Find out after the jump.

Bates-Motel-Episode-6-Video-Preview-The-Truth-622x349Spider Webs

Norma is upset, goes a little crazy when she finds out her lover boy is a slime bag, but is it just an act? Norman gets the car keys away from his spastic mother, but later when Emma says that she wants to call the FBI, you can almost see the web being weaved. Norma is like a venomous black widow as she explains to Emma that they should wait a day or two, until the girl is rested. But it’s just a lie; Norma does what’s good for Norma.  I’m really impressed with Vera Farmiga’s acting. She can get you to simultaneously feel sorry for and hate Norma Louise at the same time. That takes talent.


Max Thieriot plays the part of older brother Dylan and although the character he plays is a criminal and hangs out with really bad men, you don’t care. Max is able to get the viewers to overlook the criminal element of Dylan, and concentrate on the way he protects his little brother Norman. Dylan is a good guy in a bad place and his only goal is to get Norman away from Norma. But, there’s no escape from Norma’s web of lies.

Flies in a Web

Tonight’s episode had a lot going on. Dylan has to face the big boss and is ordered to burn all the evidence. What is it with this town and fire? Does the term Pyromaniac ring a bell? Dylan then learns about Jiao from Norman and his mother. While Dylan and Norman go looking for the belt that the deputy holds ransom, Norma is playing nice with the deputy (Zack) in one of the hotel rooms. The girl, Jiao is discovered and Zack goes chasing her into the woods. Events come to a climax and there is a shootout between Zack and Dylan.


Tonight, Norma told Dylan her account of how Norman’s father died. Is this the truth or another lie? The way Norman is acting, I’m not sure. But, I do know this; it’s fun when the audience is also tangled in the spider’s web. So far, I’m hooked on the show and it’s because the actors are so believable in their roles.

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  1. Hi Marie! I recently started watching the show (only seen 2 or 3 episodes) and last night’s was nuts! How much can one family go through every week? Anyway, I really like Dylan but I can’t help wondering if he has an ulterior motive too. I’m also left wondering if Norman really killed his dad. But my biggest question – what happened to Jiao?! Did the cop kill her and if so, that leaves a dead body on their property so when the Bates come clean next week, they better tell them about all that so it seems plausible the cop would go after them. I’m still deciding if it’s still a bit “too much” for me, but I like Norman’s character and the actor.

  2. With Norma as a mother, I’m surprised that there isn’t more drama going on. Dylan is a survivor and will look out for himself, but there is good in him. I trust him more than Norma. As far as the Norman killing the father??? I’m not sure, but those blackouts doesn’t feel right. I hope that poor girl, Jiao, gets away especially since in real life, human trafficking is big business in American and I want the writers to not play this down. I can’t wait until the next show. thank you for your support with my articles:)

  3. I don’t follow this show, but I wanted to see what you were up to lately with your reviews. I found your Walking Dead posts pretty entertaining, which is usually a good sign ’cause if I follow anyone, I’ll follow the writer not the site. Read through this and as always, you have a great way of recapping an episode without your audience having to watch it again–or watch it for the first time! Anyway, just thought you should know. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much, Jack for your encouragement and support. I’m still getting the hang of writing reviews. I’ve just posted a funny one about Defiance. Let me know what you think. Speaking of great work, I always look forward to reading your blogs. You’re right on with your zombie information.

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