Orphan Black, Episode 4: Effects of External Conditions

orphanblack_241-710x400I lost count, but hopefully, you didn’t. Clones are dropping out of the sky, like snowflakes. Last week had Sarah/Beth learning more about her sister clones from Cosima, the scientist of the group. Alison, the soccer mom clone, is an expert on firearms and teaches Sarah/Beth how to shoot straight in just one afternoon. Sarah/Beth has to convince Art that she can handle a gun. Unless you’re the famous Annie Oakley, this just doesn’t happen in real life. When Art and Sarah/Beth are put on a case concerning the murdered German look-a-like, we get to meet another clone. Only problem, this clone is “Mad Hatter” crazy. Why is she so angry? Find out after the jump.

16764841001_2299811239001_vs-516a8ed8e4b0eb435d8d45e4-806787298001Killer Clone

Killer clone, so fair skinned that she looks albino, is in the bathroom trying to sew up the gaping wound inflicted by Sarah/Beth. Only problem is, it’s not her home. A little boy walks in on her bloody mess.

Later, when the mother of the child calls the police about the break in, the little boy points to Sarah/Beth when he’s asked for a description of the intruder. He gives Sarah/Beth a blood stained coded slip of paper and it turns out to be an address. Sarah/Beth calls Cosima who has been researching the special markings on the knife left behind by the killer. The fish markings represent some kind of crusade. Why is the newest look-a-like killing the other clones?


Sarah has an appointment with Mrs. S to visit Kira. If she misses this appointment, she’ll never see her daughter again, but she’s tied up with the case. She has a plan; send Alison. Felix, in his own version of “Project Runway” magically changes Alison from chic to slacker and brings her to visit Kira. Mrs. S is fooled, Kira isn’t, but Alison gets her to keep it secret.

Connecting the Dots

When Sarah/Beth and Art search Killer clone’s apartment they find some bizarre art work on the walls. They come to the conclusion that she is a serial killer. While Sarah/Beth is occupied at the home of the killer clone, the look-a-like sneaks into the police station and goes searching for information at Sarah/Beth’s desk. What is she looking for and why doesn’t the other officers who work with Beth, notice the albino skin color? This is too far a stretch of the imagination to even be in the scene.

Alana (we finally learn the killer clone’s name) calls Sarah/Beth and tells her that Maggie Chen (the unarmed woman that Beth killed) is connected to all of them. Sarah Beth traces the call and heads over to the address, which just happens to belong to the very dead Maggie Chen. When Art searches Sarah/Beth’s desk, he finds the address.


Alana is a very troubled girl; the scars on her body are self-inflicted. She believes that she’s the original and all the other girls are copies, who must be destroyed. This is what Maggie Chen has told her, but Sarah/Beth tells her that she’s wrong. Art is pounding on the door of the apartment, while Sarah/Beth holds a gun to Alana’s head. Does Sarah/Beth pull the trigger? And who is the mysterious stranger who comes for Alana?  You have to watch the show to find out.


I was a little disappointed with tonight’s show. The director was pushing the limit of believable story line when he had Alana at the police station and none of the officers (co-workers) were curious to the physical differences between Sarah/Beth and the albino Alana. I hope next week’s episode is better.

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