Drop The Needle On Jimi Hendrix’s People, Hell & Angels

9 out of 10 dentists and rock fans agree, the greatest, most influential guitarist of all time was the one and only Jimi Hendrix. And who are we to argue. In the forty plus years sinc ehis death, Hendrix’s legend and legacy has only grown, while his music has most certainly stood the test of time. Fans have embraced his classic studio albums, but more than that, they’ve lapped up anything and everything that have come out of the Hendix vaults since his death. Case in point – People, Hell & Angels.

imageThis recently released collection of studio outtakes was the perfect example of giving people what they want. The album debut at number 2 on the Billboard charts, the highest charting record from Jimi Hendrix since his death. The various outtakes proved to be hugely compelling, as it demonstrated what the guitarist was working on as a follow-up to his third album, Electric Ladyland. Musicians include the Band of Gypsys (Buddy Miles and Billy Cox), former Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell and Stephen Stills.  All the music is solid, though opening track Earth Blues stands out above the rest – had it been released back in the day, it would likely be a staple of rock radio today.

If you have a record player, then you should be tracking down a copy of People, Hell & Angels. It’s a beautifully put together double vinyl gatefold set with photographs and liner notes that explain where each track comes from and who is playing on them. With an artist of Hendrix’s stature, listening to his work on vinyl just simply seems right. It’s how he was first discovered and how he should be heard. The vinyl is a limited edition set, so you might have to work a bit to track it down, but once it’s in your hands you won’t be disappointed.

Consider People, Hell & Angels another piece of the puzzle that continues to cement Jimi Hendrix as the icon he is, now and forever.

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