Bates Motel, Episode 3: What’s Wrong with Norman?

bates-motel-whats-wrong-with-norman1On last week’s episode, we learned some juicy secrets from Dylan (Max Thieriot), Norman’s older brother. Norma Louise (Vera Farmiga) wasn’t a happy camper with Dylan moving in. Sheriff Romero (Nester Carbonell) is like an old hound dog, not quitting once he picks up a scent. He suspects Norma had something to do with his friend’s disappearance. Someone in the town likes to play with fire, but we don’t know who or why? Norman and Emma have chosen an unusual science project to work on together; find the bodies from that little black book. They follow the map, but find trouble. Does this involve Dylan’s new job. Find out after the jump.


Dylan is playing with his gun and acting like Robert DeNiro in front of the mirror. When Norma Louise asks him where he’s going, his reply is, “To my job.” His job is guarding that weed farm in the woods.


Emma (Olivia Cooke) talks to Norman (Freddie Highmore) in school. She’s afraid that the men, who were chasing them, know where to find them. Then she tells Norman that they have to go back and find the graves of the girls who were murdered. Norman is afraid, doesn’t want anything to do with this, but the book and its contents weighs heavy on his mind and he’s unable to do a class assignment. When Miss Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy) talks to him, he faints and is taken to the hospital. While Norma Louise is waiting for the test results on her son, she gets a call the carpet men are there with the new carpets. She leaves Norman to rush home.

Bates-episode-3Hospital Visit

Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz) stops by to visit Norman. She brings flowers and tells him that her father might die from his burns. She climbs into the hospital bed with Norman and they watch old movies on the TV Norman is happy and his EKG monitor is flipping all over the place.

The Sheriff and His Posse

While Norma is signing for the rugs, in comes the Sheriff and his deputies and they have a warrant. Norma rushes back to the hospital and against doctor’s orders takes Norman home. Norman runs up to his room and sees that his special keepsake (Keith’s belt) is gone. Norman is frantic and goes to tell his mom. Norma leaves the house, she has a plan. Doesn’t she always?

Bates-Motel-06Deputy Shelby

Norma finds Zack Shelby (Mike Vogel) and asks if the Sheriff found anything in the house. The Deputy tells her that they can talk over dinner. That night Norma goes to Deputy Shelby’s house where he tells her that he found the belt, but the Sheriff doesn’t know about it. He wants Norma to play nice; she does. It’s hard to keep tabs on the predators in this town.

Brother’s Keeper

Dylan, who has learned from his co-worker that several powerful families in town own the pot farm and were responsible for burning Bradley’s father, comes home to find Norman alone. He tries to give Norman some brotherly advice, but Norman is worried because he can’t reach his mother. Norman surprises Dylan when he says that he doesn’t remember attacking Dylan with the meat tenderizer. Dylan is worried about Norman’s state of mind.

batess1e35Keepsakes and Secrets

Later when Norma comes home, she tells him that Deputy Shelby has the belt. Why did Norman keep something from such a bad event? Norman tells her he likes to collect things. The next day at school, Norman is talking to Bradley, when Emma tells him that she wants to go to the police and tell them about the book. Norman freaks out and tells her don’t do it. Later that night, Norma convinces Norman to go to the Deputy’s house and steal the belt. While there Norman, who is almost attacked by the Deputy’s dog, finds a set of keys. Thinking that the belt in locked up in the basement, he unlocks the door, and heads down the steps. But it isn’t a belt that he finds in that basement; it’s much worse.


This show has several interesting plots going on at the same time and like I said before, the townsfolk might be more dangerous than the Bates.

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