“Grimm” – A Different Type of Cop Show

5194QsbNRAL__SX500_Grimm“, one of my favorite shows, returned to NBC’s round-up for Friday nights. It’s a cop show, but with an unusual twist. Along with his normal homicide investigative duties, our Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) also fights the creatures of folklore and fairy tales. When his Aunt Marie (Kate Burton) pulled up to Nick’s house, towing a ratty trailer, in season one, she hits Nick with two revelations: he’s a bonafide Grimm, a monster hunter, and inside that ratty trailer was an arsenal of weapons to fight, said monsters. Luckily for Nick, a shape shifting werewolf named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) becomes his best friend and advisor and his partner Hank Guffin (Russell Hornsby), who is now aware of Nick’s secret identity, helps out whenever he can. But there’s big trouble in Portland and dark forces are working against Nick. What’s up? Find out after the jump.

JulietteSleeping Beauty

Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), who was put under a curse by the evil Adalind’s (Claire Coffee) mother, goes into a coma. She’s dying and the only one who can save her is Nick’s boss, Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz). Why him? He’s a prince and his kiss will break the spell, but… Renard must save Juliette without Nick’s knowledge. Nick is crushed when his girlfriend, upon regaining consciousness, doesn’t remember that they were in love and engaged to be married. And there’s more, Juliette and the Captain, both under a secondary curse, fall in love. Poor Nick is out in the cold and living with Monroe. Can Nick and Monroe break the curse?

1_Features_Photo_FirstLookCrazy in Love

Monroe is minding the Spice Store for his shape shifting girlfriend, Rosalee Calvert (Bree Turner), when Renard enters and asks for help in breaking a curse placed on him. When Monroe learns that Juliette and Renard are cursed, he’s put into uncomfortable position. When Nick and Juliette break up, Monroe finally tells Nick about the curse.
Nick is called to a murder scene before he has the chance to confront the Captain. The crime scene is familiar and so are the dead victims who look human, but are really monsters. Nick only goes through the motions of investigating the scene with Captain Renard and Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee), because it was he who killed these particular Hundjagers. During the investigation, Captain Renard gets a call, acts suspiciously, and leaves the scene. Nick follows the Captain to his house only to catch Juliette and the Captain kissing. Luckily for the two lovebirds, Monroe who is worried about Nick, calls and tells him to come back to the shop.

The Spice Shop

It may look like a Spice Shop to humans, but in reality, Rosalee’s Shop holds all kinds of secret potions. Monroe, after contacting his girlfriend, learns of a way to break the curse and hopefully bring back Juliette’s memory. Nick has to drink a disgusting cocktail, but before the drink can be downed, Nick is called away. Something happened at his house.

getImageFace Off

The curse placed over Renard and Juliette is causing them to act reckless and dangerous and they begin to physically attack each other. Juliette gets a hold of Renard’s gun and shoots up the place. The neighbors call the police and Nick is called to the scene by Sgt. Wu, but Juliette is playing dumb and won’t talk. Nick is angry and goes searching for Captain Renard, who is a little busy getting down and dirty with Adalind Schade.

imagesCA1SYABKThe Key

Everyone wants this key, but if it falls into the wrong hands it won’t bide well for the humans. Renard’s half-brother, Prince Eric (James Frain), wants to control the Royal Seven Houses, and is willing to kill all who stand in his way. Adalind, assassin and sexual partner for Prince Eric, finds out about Nick’s trailer from Juliette and tells Captain Renard where it’s located along with this warning, “Get that key, or else.” Nick finally confronts the Captain at a deserted house in the woods. During a fight, Nick discovers that Renard has the Grimm key and a big secret.

What’s the secret? Captain Renard is a Prince and a half-Hexenbiest. When Monroe’s girlfriend returns to town, Nick is urged into bringing both the Captain and Juliette to the shop. They all have to be there for the cure to work. Nick drinks the potion, writhes in pain and then falls unconscious to the floor.


Will the potion kill Nick? Is Captain Renard a friend or foe? And why was Adalind taking a pregnancy test?
This supernatural mystery, created by Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, is one of the better fantasy shows on TV and it’s because of the talented actors and well written episodes. But the friendship between Nick and Monroe, human and werewolf is what really makes this show work. Check it out for yourself every Friday night at 9 PM on NBC.

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  1. Thank you for the positive review on “Grimm”; this is the best non-cable show on TV right now and I’m so glad it’s back!

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