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Primetime shows are back, and with that comes the gossip and spoilers. Read more for scoop on the new seasons of American Horror Story, How I Met Your Mother, Elementary, and Revenge! Tune in to Biff Bam Pop every Thursday for more insider information on your favourite shows!

After releasing teasers and a behind-the-scenes feature, FX has finally released a real promo and first look at American Horror Story‘s, Asylum. The newest chapter is described as a “terrifying new tale of fear, lust and insanity.”

Ask Ausiello has confirmed that True Blood’s Joe Manganiello will be returning as hunky Brad on an upcoming episode of How I Met Your Mother. Brad who plays a lawyer and former classmate of Marshall will appear in Episode 8 titled “Twelve Horny Women”. Brad will be arguing a pollution case against his former friend while turning on everyone in the courtroom in the process. Robin Sparkles will also make her return in the same episode. There will be a couple of flashbacks to 1997 where Robin remembers her alter ego having an altercation in her hotel room with a Canadian Mountie responding to a noise complaint.

Elementary had one of the biggest premiere night ratings in CBS history. With the great reviews and those ratings (fingers crossed they keep up) we will likely see an early season pick-up very soon. The series has also announced two big guest stars that they have added to the first season. Callie Thorne, who plays Dani Santino on Necessary Roughness and previously crazy Sheila on Rescue Me, will guest star as Gregson’s former partner, according to TVLine. Her character, Terry D’Amico, is a veteran NYPD detective who shows up in Episode 6 amid discussion that she and the captain (Aidan Quinn) imprisoned the wrong man for a string of deadly home invasions years ago. Also recently announced as a guest star is former House doc Lisa Edelstein. She will guest-star on the seventh episode as Heather Vanowen, the charismatic CEO of a high-end PR consultancy. Described as bright and confident, Heather will cross paths with Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes during his investigation of a deadly bombing that appears to have been aimed at her company.

Curious to know who the English guy was in the season premiere of Revenge? Aiden, Takeda’s other student played by Barry Sloane, will be taking on a bigger role in Season 2. Executive producer Mike Kelley tells TVLine that an upcoming episode of the ABC drama will fill in the blanks, showing viewers how he and Emily know each other and what specifically bonds them. With Daniel and Emily on the outs and Jack unavailable, “There’s an opening” for him, “But she’s not the most receptive. [Aiden] has a lot of ground to make up, because he did something that’s very hard for her to forgive.”  Kelley also hints that Aiden drives a wedge between BFFs Nolan and Emily saying “This character has come in and stolen his girl, so [Nolan] doesn’t love him.” Do you think Aiden’s arm could be the one in the boat from Episode 1? Speaking of the boat arm…Mike Kelley also gave some juicy scoop on the body to TVGuide. He confirms that the arm we saw belongs to a guy saying “it’s a man and it’s someone you know,”, adding that we will learn his identity of in the 14th episode. Kelley previously teased that there would be a wedding which would be the focus of the season-opening flash forward, but it was conspicuously absent from the first scene of “Destiny“. “No one’s saying there’s not a wedding that night. I just didn’t show that part,” Kelley said, further teasing, “There is at least one wedding and probably two by the time we get to the boat wreck.” TWO WEDDINGS?

Aidan & Emily from the October 14th episode “Confidence”

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