Corina’s Cartoon Cuts: Robot Chicken Season 6 and More

This week’s Cartoon Cuts sees the announcement of Robot Chicken‘s 6th season, a great episode of Futurama, clever Aqua Teen animation and what’s that? Squidbillies is still kicking around.

Futurama SexyFirst up, thanks to Futurama for returning to near-true form in last week’s ‘The Butterjunk Effect”. Yes, a ridiculous plot about roller derbies; but all great episodes are founded on a stupid premise. Plus Amy and Leela kiss Fry, which as good a premise as any. Besides half-nude cartoon action, this episode is packed with zingy one-liners and sweet animation like caterpillar-Fry.

This week also brought news of a SIXTH season of Robot Chicken… the show that made us all ask WHY. WHY didn’t I make a career out of playing with toys in stop motion?? It still blows my mind that this show has persevered (thank you Seth Green/MacFarlane) but lo and behold, creators Tom Root and Matt Seinreich discuss season 6 after the jump!

In a recent interview on Geektyrant and at SDCC 2012, Robot Chicken creators chatted up their DC Comics special and the new episodes coming this year…

Another show I’m a little surprised is still around, Squidbillies is going in to its SEVENTH season! From David Willis (Aqua Teen) and Jim Fortier (The Brak Show) you can expect nothing more logical than a family of hillbilly squid creatures. I’ve never gotten in to it myself, but I did notice Season 6 come out on DVD last week so the show’s obviously got an audience.

Shows like Space Ghost, Brak Show and Aqua Teen thrive thanks to loyal fans… last week’s Aqua (something, you know, whatever.) really tested its audience by doing an episode entirely in crayon drawings. As much as this sounds annoying, it worked incredibly well; thanks in part to a suitable storyline. And thanks to the interwebs, you don’t have to take my word for it:

It’s always great to see shows using new animation styles to support their stories, rather than trick them out in kitsch like a gaudy whore (cough, The Simpsons, Family Guy) …speaking of which, in my next Cartoon Cuts I’ll look at the Matt Groening / Seth MacFarlane line up for the fall! Also… when the heck does South Park come back? Not soon enough.

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