Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive: Scott Snyder: An Inside Look

Armed with a bottle of wine and his friend (and Torontonian) Jeff Lemire of Sweet Tooth fame, we got a glimpse of one of the hottest comics writer today. With Jeff moderating, the panel started with Scott Snyder’s history. He originally wanted to go to Rhode Island School of Design but because of a differing class schedule he fell more into writing than art.

While Snyder got a book deal just out of college, it turned into a tough situation where a publisher’s expectations kept him chained to an awful book. To relieve the pressure he wrote super hero stories on the side.  At his eventual book opening, Vertigo approached him to write one shots. It was a dream come true for him and his foot was in the door. He eventually pitched for American Vampire and won it but that was not before he was desperate to make the bills. At times he had to work where he could, even working at Disney as a janitor and eventually as a Disney character. Without his wife’s support he could not have transitioned into comics from the literary world.

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As we all know American Vampire became a smash hit and he credits Pearl as having saved the series. Snyder originally started the  series with Skinner’s story. Vertigo was ready to reject the book over that. The next hurdle was marketing the book. When they asked for a quote from Steven King, Snyder went down to his Florida house. King asked to write an issue and that grew to 5 issues and this fostered the eventual split format. King would try to break the rules of the world and Snyder would have to reign him in. The collaboration was amazing but Snyder had fears that the book wouldn’t last past Steven King leaving. Snyder definitely thanks his fans for reading and making the series what it is today.
Snyder then talked about his transition to DC. Snyder slipped into DC when they were raiding people from Vertigo before the creators went to Marvel.  Full of nerves, Snyder pitched them Commissioner Gordon cold case files with the overall arc of James Jr.’s story.

Snyder had comments about Gotham, “Gotham is a nightmare generator for it’s heroes…”  and his interpretation of Batman, “I got to fly under the radar with this weird Vertigo version of Batman…”

Further explaining his work on Batman and the Court of Owls, “I loved the sense of history [of New York City]” and he felt that Bruce could never know his city (Gotham) completely. Snyder went on to describe his search for an artist.  When he did find Greg Capullo, the art matched completely with the energy of the story. After squabbles with Capullo over story vs art they got on the phone and started to see eye to eye when they met in the middle and the story started to work with the art.

Snyder will also be bringing about a huge new story with Batman’s ultimate foe: the Joker. Joker hasn’t been a huge character in 10 years. Snyder wants to bring him back in a big way. Snyder’s Joker will swing for the fences. He will create the biggest, baddest Joker, who will leave blood on the floor. He wants no one to touch Joker for another 20 years. Snyder tells us that Joker will burn Batgirl and Nightwing’s lives down. He will come for everyone. Snyder will up the ante and push his story to the limit and he absolutely loves writing the Joker’s dialogue.

Snyder expounds on Joker’s character, saying Joker makes Batman stronger by bringing his nightmares to life. Joker serves Batman by making him sharp.

In an aside, he shouts,”Avengers vs Xmen. Who wins?” The crowd shouts back, “Batman!!!” Everyone loves their Scott Snyder Batman.

Snyder closes by turning the tables on Jeff Lemire and they discuss Sweet Tooth and Animal Man briefly before moving on to the rot and DCU.

Snyder says he’s going to turn the DCU into a rot world where C or D list characters turn into the saviors or villains of a whole new world. It’s a world where we will see charters in a new way. It all sounds spectacular.

The panel wraps up with some more questions and fan adulation and we’re left with baited breath for Scott Snyder’s next work!

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