Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV this week? July 9 – 15

This week: Breaking Bad returns!!

Monday July 9th
Hells Kitchen (8pm): Three guest diners raise the stakes of a pressure-filled challenge which requires the chefs to think on their feet.
WWE Raw (9pm): Live from Denver, CO. Another WWE Legend is scheduled to return for the ongoing storyline with Heath Slater.
The Closer (9pm): SEASON PREMIERE! In “Hostile Witness,” the premiere of the seventh and final season, Brenda tangles with her nemesis.
Teen Wolf (10pm): Lydia begins to make connections about the bite from Peter, causing new problems for Scott and Stiles. Meanwhile, Derek has a crisis of faith in his leadership as a new alpha.

Tuesday, July 10th
MLB All-Star Game (7:30pm): The 83rd Midsummer Classic at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.
Pretty Little Liars (8pm): Aria and Emily search for “A” at Jenna’s lavish birthday party. Meanwhile, Spencer keeps an eye on Garrett, who’s out of jail visiting his sick mother; and a brokenhearted Hanna uncovers a surprise.

White Collar (9pm): SEASON PREMIERE! In the Season 4 premiere, “Wanted,” Peter tries to find Neal on a remote island before a bounty hunter gets to him first.
The Glee Project (10pm): The contenders’ courage is put to the test during a frenzied video shoot that involves swimsuits and frozen slushies. Jane Lynch makes an appearance.
Franklin & Bash (10pm): Peter and Jared work on a case in which a former chop-shop worker is charged with a premeditated attack. Later, the guys rumble with an all-powerful district attorney. Meanwhile, a pretty law student arrives for a summer program.
NY Med (10pm): SERIES PREMIERE! In the premiere of an eight-part documentary series following the staff and patients at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Mehmet Oz arranges a reunion between a patient and his ex-wife. Meanwhile, a woman with a brain tumor undergoes a risky surgery; an ER nurse fields romantic overtures from the people she treats; and two residents bond over their differences from their colleagues.

Wednesday July 11th
So You Think You Can Dance (8pm): The Top 20 dancers perform.
Dallas (9pm): A frustrated John Ross moves into Southfork. Meanwhile, Bobby is displeased to learn that Ann sought help from her ex; and Rebecca thinks she has some info that could save the ranch, so she shares it with Bobby and Christopher.

Thursday July 12th
Saving Hope (9pm): A seriously injured man under hypnosis can’t recall his identity, so a hypnotist is summoned to help. While at the hospital, the hypnotist tries to psychically unite Alex with Charlie.
Burn Notice (9pm): Sam is kidnapped during a mission in the Everglades with Michael and Jesse. Meanwhile, Fiona gets into trouble with a pair of inmates, but an ally offers assistance in exchange for a favor.

Big Brother (9pm): SEASON PREMIERE! The 14th season begins with 12 new houseguests and four returning players who are among the most successful to ever compete in the house, but the past quartet will play for their own separate prize and not the $500,000 grand prize.
Anger Management (9:30pm): Katie steals a patient from Charlie, fueling the competitive rivalry between the two therapists.

Suits (10pm): Travis returns to town and takes aim at Harvey, causing trouble that Harvey and Jessica must hide from Daniel. Elsewhere, Louis and Mike become closer as friends, but Louis’ paranoia threatens to ruin the new bond.
Wilfred (10pm): Wilfred becomes embattled with an unlikely foe forcing Ryan to intervene.
Louie (10:30pm): Louie takes a trip to Miami
Awkward (10:30pm): Jenna tries to stay friends with Matty, but his nonstop flirting and clingy behavior make it difficult.

Sunday July 15th
Big Brother (8pm): Nominations for evictions are revealed.
Breaking Bad (9pm): SEASON PREMIERE! In the Season 5 premiere, Walt deals with the aftermath of the explosion, while Hank wraps up his investigation of Gus and his criminal empire

True Blood (9pm): The Authority comes for Bill and Eric; Roman maps out his strategy for dealing with Russell.

The Glades (9pm): Jim and Jennifer run up against a troublesome antigovernment group during a murder investigation; Callie searches for her old cell phone, which contains proof that she was blackmailed.
Falling Skies (9pm): Hal happens upon bodies of de-harnessed kids and encounters a person from his past. Elsewhere, Tom and Anne inch closer together; and health issues plague Weaver.
The Newsroom (10pm): Will becomes tabloid fodder after a confrontation with a gossip columnist on New Year’s Eve, which threatens to undermine his credibility on a current news investigation. Meanwhile, Don urges Maggie to set Jim up on a date with her roommate; Mac’s boyfriend pitches a story about the government’s inability to prosecute financial crimes; and Neal tries out his Bigfoot theory on anyone who will listen.
Weeds (10pm): Andy hopes to impress Jill by coaching the twins’ roller-derby team; Doug considers his financial future after being forced to resign from the company; and Nancy and Silas race to thwart Shane, who’s homing in on Tim.
Political Animals (10pm): SERIES PREMIERE! In the series opener of this drama about the political and private lives for former first family members, the Secretary of State (Sigourney Weaver) tries to protect a dark family secret while also dealing with a hostage crisis in Iraq.
Episodes (10:30pm): The death of Merc’s father triggers a debate among Sean, Beverly and Matt about the best way to express one’s condolences. At the funeral, Carol’s jealousy toward Jamie intensifies.

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  1. Question. Is Hell’s Kitchen secretly 2 hours, or on two times/week? I record it every week on PVR, but I’m clearly missing every second episode.

  2. Don’t forget Damages Season 5 premiere on Wednesday!!!!

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