Mat Langford’s Gaming World – LEGO Batman 2: Dumbed Down on Vita.

The PS Vita was deemed the “PS3 on the go”.

Then why must we constantly get lower quality titles on it than on the PS3?

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes was released recently both platforms. It looks FANTASTIC on the PS3, with a huge open world that you can even fly through as Superman. You return to your bat cave to do things like buy items and features and what not, then back out to adventuring and exploring.

On the Vita, and it has been confirmed that the game does NOT feature that open-world sandbox gameplay. We, instead, get a port straight from – wait for it – the Nintendo 3DS. A totally linear, lack-luster port from a system with half the power.

This boggles my mind. I realize that the Vita is less powerful than the PS3. We all know that. But we also know that it blows the specs of the 3DS out of the water! It’s my understanding is that it would have required the same amount of effort to port the PS3 version to the Vita as it would to port the 3DS version. Who makes these decisions? If we can have a game like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty on Vita, then why is it so hard to make a game like LEGO Batman work on the handheld as well? Alternatively, if it wasn’t possible to port LEGO Batman over to the Vita, why? If the Vita can’t handle a game like that, then I fear for what we’re going to see with CoD or AC: Liberation – especially after seeing what they did to Resistance: Burning Skies! If it indeed was simply more work to port the PS3 version over, then would it not have made more sense to take the time and do it, rather than give us a sub-par port that only serves to reinvigorate the looming despair that Vita owners are already experiencing?

This was a game they should have gotten right. It’s a fun game suited for their pick up and play on the go mentality that the Vita so adamantly looks to promote. Vita sales are already suffering, and releasing games like this (which had so many people excited and then, subsequently, let down and ranting on review blogs) doesn’t do anything but drive potential Vita buyers away.

Come on Sony, you’re better than this.

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