Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV this week? June 19th – 24th

This week’s highlights include: a peek into The Glass House, Aaron Sorkin‘s new HBO drama, and the hunt for Russell begins on True Blood.

Tuesday, June 19th

Pretty Little Liars (8pm): Spencer uncovers a Hastings family secret, Aria agrees to be Jenna’s accompanist to keep tabs on her, and Hanna tries to reach out to Lucas.

Hells Kitchen (8pm): The 13 remaining chefs prepare a fashion-inspired menu for designers.

The Glee Project (10pm): Season 2 gets emotional in “Vulnerability.”

Franklin & Bash (10pm): While Peter and Jared defend one of Infeld’s former wives who’s charged with kidnapping a dog, they happen upon two fellows who are low-level versions of themselves. Elsewhere, Karp teams up with Pindar on a robbery case, only to have to deal with Pindar’s various eccentricities.

Wednesday June 20th

So You Think You Can Dance (8pm): The Season 9 contestants head to Los Angeles to compete for a spot in the Top 20.

Dallas (9pm):
In “The Price You Pay,” J.R. decides to move back to Southfork, much to Ann’s chagrin.

Duets (9:30pm): Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thicke perform songs from movie soundtracks with their amateur partners, one of whom gets eliminated.

Thursday June 21st
Saving Hope (9pm): Alex’s hopes are raised after Charlie moves his hand. Meanwhile, Alex helps a patient who already endured multiple surgeries; and Charlie mentors a man killed in a roofing accident.

Burn Notice (9pm): Michael reconnects with his mentor and offers to help go after a drug cartel in exchange for visitation privileges with Fiona. Meanwhile, Fiona leans on a new friend for help fending off a gang leader in prison.

Suits (10pm):
Jessica tries to drum up support in the firm and asks Harvey to help her with the task, but his ambition may produce more ill will than good. Elsewhere, Mike approaches Rachel about her message.

Sunday June 24th

True Blood (9pm): Bill and Eric barter for their lives with the Authority Chancellors and their leader, Roman (Christopher Meloni).

The Glades (9pm):
Jim and Carlos investigate a fanatical nudist colony after discovering the naked body of a dead woman; Jennifer develops a personal interest in Jim.

Falling Skies (9pm):
The unit moves into an airport hanger, but the relocation could cause health problems. Elsewhere, the renegade Berserkers scheme to cast out Tom; the unit copes with a loss; an enigmatic visitor provides hope.

The Newsroom (10pm): SERIES PREMIERE! In the series opener, “We Just Decided To,” popular news anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) returns to work after a public meltdown to find that most of this staff have jumped ship.

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