Watch With Amanda: HUGE TV news! Including Weeds, The Walking Dead, Dexter, and a Munsters Reboot!

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers for some of your favourite shows so please proceed at your own risk!!

Weeds is officially coming to an end. announced that the series upcoming eighth season will be its last. Series creator Jenji Kohan says, “I’m so proud of what we do here and that it’s about a strong woman lead who’s really flawed. We get to do comedy right up against drama, which a lot of shows don’t get the opportunity to do.”  The final season will quickly resolve this year’s assassination attempt cliffhanger, and fans can expect a time jump and a return to the suburbs. Beyond that, Kohan hasn’t yet decided how to conclude Nancy’s tale. “We wrack our brains every year for crazy cliffhangers and we’re trying to figure out how to top ourselves,” she says.

Criminal Minds has added Big Love‘s Jeanne Tripplehorn in their line-up as series regular according to TVLine.  Tripplehorn will take the place of Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and will play “a new profiler. Her character will be introduced in the premiere.” confirms executive producer Erica Messer.

Biff Bam Pop recently announced that Sons of Anarchy had added a whole slew of new characters to the upcoming fifth season including Lost and NYPD Blue alumni.  The FX series has also updated their new roster of talent to include Disney’s High School Musical and CW’s Hellcats alum Ashley Tisdale to the list.  According to TVLine,  Tisdale will play Emma Jean – a high-priced desirable escort who complicates the club’s life in at least two episode.

NBC has been very busy casting for their reboot of The Munters! The new series, called Mockingbird Lane is being stewarded by Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller and X-Men producer/director Bryan Singer.  According to NBC, unlike the comedic original series, Mockingbird Lane is a “visually spectacular one hour drama.”  Casting so far includes Portia de Rossi as Lily the Munster family Matriarch,  Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, Eddy Izzard as Grandpa, Mason Cook as Eddie, and Charity Wakefield as Marilyn.

Brace yourself for the upcoming sixth season of Private Practice to be its last. A couple weeks ago Tim Daly announced that he would not be returning for the new season and now Deadline is reporting that Kate Walsh is planning to leave the show after the 13-episode sixth season. The network may choose to continue the series, which was built around Walsh’s character, without her but when ABC renewed Private Practice earlier this month, speculation was that the sixth season would already be the show’s last. An announcement has yet to be made but stay tuned to Biff Bam Pop for any updates.

AMC has just released new spoilery photos from The Walking Dead‘s third season and  it looks like we can finally confirm that Merle is alive and well!  The first image shows Daryl’s presumed-dead brother — played by Michael Rooker — alive and sporting something in place of his missing arm. Aside from appearing in Daryl’s dream last season, Merle’s been MIA. Other photos show Danai Gurira’s Michonne with some sort of sword and David Morrissey’s The Governor. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size photos! 




Dexter has just hired on Yvonne Strahovski (a Chuck fan fave) for a multi-epsiode arc on its upcoming seventh season. According to TVLine Strahovski will play the role of Hannah McKay, a strong, independent woman with a past that she’s struggled to put behind her. As a turn of events leads Miami Metro Homicide to ask for her help in solving some old cases, Dexter works with her and begins to wonder if there’s more to this woman than she’s professed. Season 7 won’t be premiering until September 30th but in the meantime I want to leave you with these huge spoilery images… are you ready??


Click on the thumbnails below to view the larger images.




Can we all just collectively say “OHHHHH EMMMM GEEEEE!” The first image shows that the show will pick up right where the season six finale left off! The second image is clearly the Miami Metro Police set up right outside DEXTER’S APARTMENT!!! (photo source)

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  1. I can’t wait for the new Munsters, but the one I’m waiting to see play out is Dexter. How the hell does he talk his way out of this? I wasn’t too happy with last season’s ending because they made Dexter sloppy, that’s not how he plays.

  2. “David and I have worked together numerous times, not only on this show but on ‘Oz’ and ‘New York Undercover’ and theater. Yates pulls out a large pair of tweezers and is about to cut off one of her toes when she suddenly yells at him as if she were her mother and hits him. You will definitely love to see the life of House swaying left and right, as he tries to balance his personal and professional sides.

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