Chad Vader meets Toronto Batman

Chad Vader meets Toronto BatmanBatman has hit Toronto with the recent Bat Tumbler Tour… and if you haven’t caught it yet, you still can today at Yonge & Dundas until 4pm. But did you know that Batman himself has been a Toronto sensation for some time? All thanks to the now locally famous Toronto Batman videos.

In fact, his fame has spread far enough to attract the attention of another fan-fictitious character of relative fame: Chad Vader. So much so, that Vader paid Toronto Batman a visit.

Check out the crazy video after the jump…

Chad Vader and Toronto Batman recently met for a wild night on the town in Toronto; and as it turns out the two have a LOT in common. Both are comedic characters born out of the ‘fan video’ craze… Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager is a fairly popular award winning web series in its third season; while Toronto Batman has been gaining notoriety thanks to a series of locally produced comedy videos from – including this one with almost 1.8 MILLION views.

They also both seem to get a kick out of freaking out hapless people on the street; and Toronto loves a good public display of craziness… just check out some old Kenny vs. Spenny. You can see lots more from Toronto Batman on The Sean Ward Show channel.

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