Continuum With Rachel Nichols Is Worth Your Time

Time travel is a tricky thing at the best of times. But when you’re suddenly sent decades back in time with what looks like absolutely no means of getting home, and you’re expected to prevent a war to boot? Well, that makes things even tougher, I’d say.

And so would CPS Protector Kiera Cameron in the new sci-fi series Continuum, premiering tonight on Showcase.

Rachel Nichols (GI Joe, Alias and the underrated and little scene Fox show The Inside) stars as Cameron, a mother and protector in 2077 who is transported alongside a group of vicious terrorists, back to 2012 during a prison break-out. A fish out of water, Cameron sets about tracking down the terrorists before they start a war decades before it is supposed to occur.

I’m a Rachel Nichols fan, have been since the aforementioned The Inside, so I’m slightly biased when I say I think she’s a great lead actor. She’s tough and gorgeous, which is a great combination for any actress. In any premiere episode, you need to care about your lead almost immediately; if you don’t, there’s just no point in watching. Nichols makes you care for Kiera Cameron quickly – a woman out of time, removed from friends and family, but still determined to do her job. It’s a solid performance and the lynchpin for Continuum.

As for the plot, it definitely works immediately. Even better, not only does it leave you wondering what will happen next episode, but the show is set in a world where it can be more than just a time travel story. That is, even if Cameron makes it back to 2077, there’s still a story and world to be explored.

First episode in and clearly I like what I’m seeing. Enough that I’m prepared to add Continuum to my must-watch list. You can see if you dig it yourself when it premieres tonight at 9 on Showcase.

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