Mat Langford’s Gaming World – Like your games quick and fun? Try Ski Safari!

As you all know, I’m a fan of pick-up-and-go iPhone games. Games that I can turn on, play for a few minutes, and then turn off, just to pass the time… I find them incredibly addictive. I was a huge fan of Jetpack Joyride, I loved its physics, easy controls and simple interface.

So when I found Ski Safari, I was hooked once again.

Ski Safari is a (surprise, surprise) skiing game. What makes it great is that it combines the collection elements of Jetpack Joyride with the controls of a game like Trials HD. You have only one control, when you press on the screen, you flip backwards. Do flips off of ramps to gain speed and rack up points. As you go you collect coins, not for spending as it was in JJ. but for points and boost gains.

Ride a Yeti!
Ride a Yeti!

The object of this game is to survive an avalance as long as you possibly can. As the game starts, you are sleeping in your house when an avalanche crushes it. This sends you – and your bed – sliding down the hill, and after decimating your bed on the first rock, you land on your skis (everyone sleeps strapped into their skis, right?). You continue dodging rocks and cabins while you make your way as far as you can.

An interesting game element: the ability to ride animals instead of skis. You can, at certain points, hop on a penguin and ride it like a snowboard for some extra speed, or jump on the back of a yeti and use him like a toboggan! You can even get some huge air by grabbing onto an eagle and letting it carry you higher through some jumps! The cleaner you land, the faster you go, and the faster you go, the more space you put between you and your impending snowy doom.

There is also – similar to JJ – a rewards/ranking system that ranks you up by giving you stars for completing objectives. They range from collecting a certain amount of coins in one run, to flying 2000 ft. on an eagle, tumbling  for 10 seconds down the hills or riding for a certain distance on a cloud. All pretty fun to try and achieve.

Penguin boarding!
Penguin boarding!

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun. Simple to use controls make this an game that anyone could pick up and play, and I recommend that you do it!

Let me know what you think!

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