Watch With Amanda: What’s on TV this week? May 14 – 20

This week it’s all about the season finale’s! Read on to see which shows are ending with a bang!

Monday May 14th

How I Met Your Mother (8pm): 1 HOUR SEASON FINALE! The seventh season ends with Lily going into labor while Marshall is partying in Atlantic City. Later, things jump to the future as the gang gather for Barney’s wedding and reminisce about how they emboldened Ted to find his true love and track down the one that got away.

Bones (8pm): SEASON FINALE! When evil tech genius Christopher Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds), a suspect in a case Brennan and Booth handled, returns to court in “The Past in the Present,” the appeals trial takes a bizarre twist.

America’s Got Talent (8pm): PREMIERE! Famously unedited radio host Howard Stern joins judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne and host Nick Cannon for the seventh season of NBC’s talent search competition. The two-hour premiere kicks off with auditions in Los Angeles and St. Louis, featuring performers vying for a chance to win America’s heart — and the $1 million prize.

Hart of Dixie (9pm): SEASON FINALE! With an impending storm about to hit Bluebell, George and Lemon prepare for their wedding day in the Season 1 finale, “The Big Day.” Meanwhile, taking shelter from the storm, Zoe finds herself stranded in a barn with Wade. Here’s a sneak peek!

Tuesday May 15th

Glee (8pm): 2 HOURS!: It’s a double-header! New Directions prepares a high-concept routine for Nationals in “Props,” but when Tina bumps her head, the glee club’s world turns upside down — in her eyes. Then in “Nationals,” New Directions faces off against Vocal Adrenaline in Chicago, where Lindsay Lohan makes a cameo as a guest judge. Here is a sneak peek into the “Props” episode.

NCIS (8pm): SEASON FINALE! As the newest member of the NCIS Most Wanted Wall continues to elude the team in the Season 9 finale, “Till Death Do Us Part,” terrorism threatens to shake the foundations of the Navy and NCIS.

NCIS: Los Angeles (9pm): 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE! In the two part Season 3 finale, “Sans Voir,” Callen and the NCIS: L.A. team get caught up in a deadly mind game when they confront their vengeful adversary, the Chameleon.

Private Practice (10pm): SEASON FINALE! When Amelia goes into labor, the Seaside doctors come to her side as she faces a very tough decision. Addison faces a choice as well; and Pete and Violet realize what they mean to each other after he finds himself in serious trouble.

Wednesday May 16th

Modern Family (9pm): Alex’s school project on family harmony is in jeopardy when it seems no one can get along, which is exemplified by Jay and Gloria’s spat over lunch and Manny getting upset by Luke accepting an award he may not deserve. Elsewhere, Claire and Cameron differ on parenting skills; and Phil has an uneasy working relationship with Mitchell.

Criminal Minds (9pm): 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE! When the BAU goes up against a gang of serial-killing bank robbers in Washington, D.C. in the first part of the Season 7 finale, “Hit/Run,” a member of the team becomes a hostage. In the second part, the team determines that the suspects have a bigger target in the Nation’s capital.

Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt 23 (9:30pm): Chloe tries to get June to dabble in casual sex. Meanwhile, James freaks out when a sex tape of him and Chloe is leaked to the public, and he fears how it will affect his status on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Revenge (10pm): A painful loss forges a stronger bond between Emily and Jack, Victoria forms a new alliance that could seal Conrad’s fate, and a vengeful Charlotte wants to get even with Declan. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this promo and squealed.

Thursday May 17th

Community (8pm): 2 HOUR SEASON FINALE! Community wraps its third season with three off-the-wall episodes: “Digital Estate Planning,” “The First Chang Dynasty,” and “Introduction to Finality.”

Grey’s Anatomy (9pm): SEASON FINALE! Facing threats on their lives, doctors must fight to save themselves and each other. Meanwhile, Bailey and Ben make a decision about their relationship; Teddy gets a tempting offer; and Richard plans a special dinner for the residents. Seriously, if Lexie dies I’m gonna lose it!!

Scandal (10pm): SEASON FINALE! When Quinn finds herself in a fix that’s both tragic and compromising, Olivia and the team rush to help. Meanwhile, Cyrus turns reluctantly to Olivia when Billy Chambers makes an announcement that shakes Fitz’s presidency to its core.

Friday May 18th

Nikita (8pm): SEASON FINALE! The second season concludes with Nikita and Michael invading Division to capture Percy. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean get caught in a gun battle with U.S. Marines; and Ryan tries to persuade the president not to destroy Division until he knows that Nikita and Michael are safely out of the building.

Who Do You Think You Are (8pm): Just how deep do her Southern roots go? Join Paula Deen for a journey into her family history.

Grimm (9pm): SEASON FINALE! As Nick delves deeper into his life as a Grimm, a trail of grotesque murders reignites the search for the elusive gold coins in the Season 1 finale, “Woman in Black.”

Saturday May 19th

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm): SEASON FINALE! Mick Jagger plays host and musical guest.

Sunday May 20th

2012 Billboard Music Awards (8pm): Modern Family stars Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen are set to host this year’s Billboard Music Awards, which will feature performances by Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, and The Wanted. The roster of presenters includes Taio Cruz, Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight, Julianne Hough, Natasha Bedingfield, and actor Jeremy Sisto.

Game Of Thrones (9pm): In “The Prince of Winterfell,” Theon holds down the fort at Winterfell; Daenerys ignores some advice; Tyrion and Varys find something they can agree on; and Robb is betrayed.

The Killing (9pm): Richmond lends support to the investigation; Sarah tries to track down Rosie’s key; and Stan deals with his troubled son.

Nurse Jackie (9pm):Jackie’s divorce lawyer advises her to play hardball with Kevin if she wants custody of the children; and Eddie unwillingly gets caught in the middle of the Peytons’ legal wrangling. At the hospital, Cruz has a panic attack; and Zoey seeks suggestions for a proper breakup strategy. Later, Jackie helps out Charlie following his arrest and learns an unsettling secret about the teen.

Mad Men (10pm): Christmas proves rewarding to many at the agency; Harry does a good turn for a friend.

Veep (10pm): Bloggers’ nicknames for Selina become her next obsession; Dan goes on a fact-finding mission after his boss is snubbed by the president; it’s make-or-break time for the clean-jobs bill.

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