March Madness – Can You Survive A Trip To Silent Hill:Downpour?

Fans of the Silent Hill series of games rejoice, Silent Hill: Downpour hits the shelves today!

In it, players take the role of Murphy Pendleton, a convict who – while being transported to a new prison – ends up in a crash that leaves him in (you guessed it!) the small town of Silent Hill. You don’t really know why you’re there, but throughout the game, you find news bits and pieces of evidence that aid you in discovering exactly what’s going on.

The game is dark and offers some legitimate thrills. There are parts where you enter the “other world”, and according to early reviews, these are some of the best. There is also a sort of good/evil system here as well, where the game gives you a choice to do something like save someone or leave them to die, offering moral dilemmas to go along with the creepy story.

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Downpour is more action oriented than previous versions of Silent Hill, and you’ll find yourself in close combat more times than not. You can carry one melee weapon at a time, things like broken beer bottles, hammers, wood planks…these weapons degrade over time so finding new ones is always important. You also get a gun during point in the story. As with all survival horror games, ammo is scarce and you’ll find yourself hunting down anything you can find to defend yourself with.

If you’re a Silent Hill fan, you’ll no doubt enjoy this game. There have been reports of some buggy graphics as well as minor glitches, but these shouldn’t deter you from grabbing this one if you’re a fan!

If you’ve played it let us know what you think!

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  1. Definitely going to pick this one up, as long as it’s better than Homecoming I’m in.

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