Watch With Amanda: New Trailers, Spoilers on Sons of Anarchy & The Office

COMMUNITY finally returns on March 15th! If you didn’t think it was possible to be even more excited than you already are, watch the trailer below. Be prepared for your mind to explode from the amazingness!

GAME OF THRONES and HBO have also released their new trailer for Season 2, featuring Florence & The Machine’s chilling “Seven Devils.”  We’ll have to wait until April 1st for the return but this trailer will help hold you over for now.  Speaking of Game of Thrones, have you watch The Simpson’s parady of the HBO series’ opening title sequence yet?

SONS OF ANARCHY creator Kurt Sutter held his panel at PaleyFest 2012 on Wednesday and gave up a lot of information on the upcoming season. Be careful because there are lots of spoilers here! For starters, Sutter revealed that the premiere will begin “about a month” after the events of the fourth season finale. Sutter says the time lapse will give Tara the chance to process what her choice to stand by Jax means. “Tara’s clearly in [the club now],” he noted, “and [Season 5] really will be her trying to figure out, ‘Who am I in this world? Can I still be Dr. Tara Knowles and be this Queen?’”  Other arcs that will be featured in Season 5 according to Sutter include the fallout from “Tig’s clusterf— with accidentally killing [Damon Pope]‘s daughter. So, that will be some of the adrenaline that gets the season started.” and also Tig and Gemma’s obvious attraction towards one another.  Sutter also stood by his decision to not have Opie join Jax at the table in the finale. “I felt that it wasn’t true to his character to have him come in the room and sit at that table,” he said. “He’s a soulful, deep-thinking kind of guy. For him to get all of that information from Jax, it didn’t make sense that he would be able to rectify that within a couple hours and sit at that table. This season we’ll get to see how [their] relationship has changed and [whether or not Opie] can come back from that.”

I’ve also got a major spoiler alert for a couple on THE OFFICE so proceed at your own risk………………………………………………………..

Andy & Erin our favourite dorky lovebirds are finally reuniting. According to TVLine, in the upcoming March 15th episode titled “Get the Girl”, Andy discovers that Erin intends to permanently relocate to Florida, prompting him to hit the road in hopes of bringing his quirky onetime love back home. Check out the picture below for confirmation!

TERRA NOVA is the latest series to get the axe. From now until late May the fate of most TV shows is still unclear.  TVLine has created a 2012 Renewal Scorecard so you can keep track of your favourite show and see if it will be returning or going the way of the dinosaur. CLICK HERE for TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard.

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  1. So excited for the Community trailer that I didn’t see the link! Might it have been left out?

  2. I can’t wait for Sons Of Anarchy to come back and Game Of Thrones too. I will admit I have never seen the show Community but I’m hearing many good things so I’ll have to check it out.

      1. So I checked out Community and you are so right!! I almost busted a gut I laughed so hard and my husband loves it too. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I also love Chevy Chase. He’s one of my favorite comedians so I was really happy he’s in it.

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