Watch With Amanda: TV Casting News, Spoilers & More!

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers on some of your favourite shows so proceed with caution!

Desmond is back y’all!! Former LOST button pusher Henry Ian Cusick is headed to Fringe this spring, TVLine reports. He will be playing an FBI agent assigned to a Fringe case in this season’s 19th episode. Cusick recently wrapped production on the first season of ABC’s new Shonda Rhimes-produced drama Scandal, which premieres on April 5 after Grey’s Anatomy.

Holy Shiz! Did you guys watch Revenge last night? I’m so obsessed with that show!! DRAMA! Gabriel Mann who plays Nolan explained that Tyler’s murder mystery is not the main arc for the rest of the season. “What we see [at the end of ‘Chaos’] only continues to unfold over the next couple episodes,” Mann reveals to TVLine. “And then we jump back into this wider world that has actually been happening and led to this summer.” And about that look between Nolan and Takeda, Mann explains, “There might have been a knowing look between the two. I would say that some of the things that people pick up on in this episode will raise some new bombs down the road.” As for the incriminating photo from Emily’s secret box that Tyler revealed to Daniel… “it sparks something,” actor Josh Bowman told TVGuide. “He’ll definitely start snooping and will become more aware. … He’s going to ask questions.” The actor says viewers will see major strain between the newly engaged couple over the next seven episodes, which also means “lots of love triangle stuff.” You can view the trailer for the next episode airing in two weeks HERE.

Actress Paget Brewster who plays Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds has just announced she will be leaving the show at the end of this season. “After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on,” Brewster told Deadline. “As much as I will miss my Criminal Minds family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities.” You may recall in 2010, Brewster and co-star A.J. Cook (J.J) both left the show which caused a huge uproar among fans. Both actresses ended up returning to the show which Brewster was not entirely happy about. “I had another year on my contract that I didn’t know about,” she recently told, “so I had to come back! I said, ‘Hey, I kinda want an apology and maybe a raise.’ And they were like, ‘No, we’ll sue you!’ The whole thing was, unfortunately, a mess. It was dumb.” While Brewster is leaving, most other Criminal Minds co-stars, including Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore and Cook, have deals in place for next season. Matthew Gray Gubler is in the process of renegotiating his.

Ask Ausiello has some insight onto what’s going to happen to Lori after that car crash on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Ausiello tells readers “I’ve got bad news for Lori: The zombie that had that unfortunate run-in with her truck still has the use of his legs. And he’s hungry. And he has friends.

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