Watch With Amanda: ALCATRAZ 01.06 Recap “Paxton Petty”

The sixth installment of Alctraz introduces us to Paxton Petty (James Pizzinato), an explosives expert who had planted mines in various locations throughout San Francisco.  We’re first introduced to Paxton in 1960, when a young Emerson Hauser is escorting him to Alcatraz.  Dr. Lucy Sangupta and Warden James arrive on the dock to receive the new prisoner and we find out that Paxton still has remaining bombs hidden in the city waiting to explode.  The Warden assures Paxton that their team will find his remaining mines by any means necessary.  Before they head into the prison Hauser and Lucy have a bit of a nervous exchange where it’s obvious that Hauser has the hots for her.  Back to present day – the much older Emerson Hauser watches over Lucy who is still in a coma and plays some music for her.  A doctor enters Lucy’s hospital room to tell him that she has not shown any improvement and is wondering if Lucy had ever mentioned any DNR instructions.

Paxton Petty has returned to San Fransico in 2012 to plant a whole new batch of mines.  The first ones go off in a local park causing mad chaos and killing and injuring a lot of innocent people.  – Hopefully none of those dogs in the park were injured!  How gross was it when they actually showed that guy’s leg getting blown off!  Barf.  – Madsen, Soto and Hauser arrive on the scene and of course Rebecca comes close to catching Petty, but in defense he rolls a mine at her, which explodes and she barely escapes.  After recovering, we meet Madsen’s bomb squad friend, Matt “Psycho” Tanner (True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks, “Eggs”) who gives them some information on the types of mines being used.

We flash back to Paxton Petty being tortured by Dr. Beauregard, nearly drowning him in an ice tub.  It’s clear Beauregard’s techniques aren’t working, as Petty refuses to divulge the location of his mines.  Dr. Lucy takes over and sneakily drugs Petty to make him cooperate and ends up using electro-shock therapy.  Paxton starts humming a tune which causes Lucy to seek out Tommy Madsen to understand what the tune means.  Lucy agrees to help Tommy find answers on why he’s been kept in the infirmary for his blood, so Tommy explains that lyrics in the songs represent a pattern to remember where mines are stashed.  When Lucy approaches Dr. Beauregard about Tommy and the blood, he refuses to talk to her about it and basically tells her she better mind her own business or else.  Lucy can’t crack the code of the final mine’s whereabouts, which causes a kinship between her and Hauser, who is trying to help locate the mine as well.  The location of the missing mine is something that seems to have bothered Hauser for years.

Back in 2012, with the help of “Psycho” and Madsen’s hot, nerdy medical examiner friend, Rebecca and Diego find the stash of mines painted to resemble playground turf.  Having cross referenced Petty’s songs Emerson sends the two to “Windward” Elementary School park and Hauser heads to Sunset Beach where he spots Petty.  Unfortunately, while approaching him, Hauser accidentally steps on one of the land mines and is forced to remain there while Petty takes his phone and gun.  – Ok this bothers me, is Petty just showed up a week and a half ago in 2012 from 1963, how did he know what a cell phone was?  How did he know Hauser would have a phone?  – Later on while staking out the playground, Rebecca spots Paxton and catches him but after discovering Hauser’s phone in Paxton’s possession she realizes Hauser is in deep trouble.

Rebecca locks up Petty and questions him, but he says he won’t talk until he knows why he woke up in the year 2012 in a graveyard.  Luckily Rebecca is a smart cookie and finds the song lyrics to put the puzzle together and find Hauser.  She calls up her bomb squad friend who helps free Hauser to escape unharmed but unfortunately the mine does end up exploding and kills Tanner, the cute bomb squad guy.  Hauser gets super pissed and shoots Paxton in the leg but then sneakily gets him to reveal the real location of the final mine.

At the end of this week’s episode Hauser visits the comatose Lucy to tell her that he finally found the missing mine, before unhooking her from life support and carrying her out of the hospital.  He shows up at underground Alcatraz, where he tells Dr. Beauregard “You know her methods.  Fix her.”

AMANDA’S QUESTIONS:  What is Dr. Beauregard going to do to Lucy?  Is the location reappearance significant in some way?  Are Hauser and Lucy still in love?  What is Tommy’s blood for? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

Here is the promo for next week’s episode which I will now try to include in all of my weekly recaps.

Next week: Madsen and Hauser hunt down Johnny McKee (guest star Adam Rothenberg), a former Alcatraz inmate and vicious killer with a background in chemistry.  It’s a race against time before McKee horrifically poisons more innocent victims. Meanwhile, more details emerge about Madsen’s grandfather.

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