Biff Bam Pop’s Favourite Couples – Buffy and Angel

It’s the same old story you’ve heard a thousand times:

Girl meets boy.

Girl loves boy.

Girl and boy make sweet, sweet love.

Boy becomes a soulless vampire and goes on a killing spree.

Heard it once, heard it a thousand times.

Not so much.

And that’s one of the main reasons why Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the most beloved shows to ever grace our televisions. It took the conventions of soap opera and teenage angst, turned them upside down and sideways and made them that much more relatable, even in a supernatural setting. That’s why Buffy and Angle remain one of geekdom’s favourite couples.

Interesting thing about my own love affair with the show and the couple – I was a latecomer. I didn’t start watching regularly until the second episode of Season 3, the classic Dead Man’s Party (Buffy vs zombies? How could I not fall in love?) But by coming in late, it meant I had to catch up on the love, lust and heartbreak that Buffy and Angel put themselves through in the first two seasons. Watch as they flirted with one another, then fell in love, and then gave in to temptation, only to watch it all go to hell. Almost literally.

The beautiful thing about how creator Joss Whedon wrote this romance was that, like the best love stories, this one never really had a happy ending. Along with introducing new slayer Faith and my favourite big bad, Mayor Richard Wilkins, Season 3 was a demonstration of how Buffy and Angel ultimately could never be together. A moment of true happiness and Angel loses his soul again, for starters. But say the couple were willing to take sex out of the equation, as they seemed to be doing, there would still be the fact that Buffy would age and Angel wouldn’t. Kids? Out of the question.

And then there was that time that Buffy killed Angel and sent him to hell. Did I forget to mention that one?

The ghost of their romance haunted Buffy The Vampire Slayer after Angel moved L.A. Sure, Buffy tried to move on, and so did we all. But we all saw it coming with Parker Abrams, didn’t we? And Riley – good guy, but zero chemistry. Spike – well, there was something there, to be sure, but it was never the same, was it? How could it be?

Buffy and Angel – one of our favourite couples. Brilliantly acted. Brilliantly written. Always remembered.

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  1. Thanks! There were so many great couples on Buffy, it’s hard to pick just one.

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