Gaming on the go: A look at my favourite hand-helds.

I’ve always been a big handheld console fan since the early days. I remember getting my original Game Boy under the Christmas tree, unwrapping it and practically losing my mind with happiness. It was so advanced, I mean, it was basically a black and white hand held Nintendo! Throughout the years, I’ve owned practically every new hand-held and with the dawn of the PSVita, I began reminiscing over my past experiences (good and bad) with the portable gaming consoles.

Nintendo Game Boy

In 1989, this was probably the most anticipated Christmas present. It was the Red Ryder BB Gun of our generation. All of my friends wished for it, and my parents being as awesome as they are, were sure that it was under the tree for us that year. It was an awesome little machine, and I can remember sitting up late at night with the light adapter beaming just barely enough light on the tiny screen – enough that I could just make it through one more level of Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle. I took it everywhere, I even had a carrying case that held all of my games, my light adapter, and whatever else I had thrown in there (I think there were a few Ninja Turtles as well). Years after, when I found it still in the case in a box in my garage, I noticed the wear and tarnish on the case, and replayed in my mind all of the adventures, trips and long, boring waits that it made so much more bearable.

Sega Game Gear

LION KING. This game was the be-all and end-all of my Sega Game Gear’s usefulness. If I didn’t have Lion King, I wouldn’t take my Game Gear. I played that game so much that at one point I actually wore it out and had to ask my mom for a new copy. I also remember the year I found out that you could buy a TV adapter for it and watch television on it! I never really got it to work very well but I remember catching at least one football game on it at some point. I still have this one as well, in a box, in my garage.

Nintendo DS Lite/3DS

The DS Lite is a tricky system for me, because I have a hard time buying any game for this system. Most of them are rushed, and poorly produced. The quality of the games is one of the reasons I modded this and began downloading them, to try them out in order to determine whether they were of any quality. The 3DS however, was a little easier to buy games for, as the 3D aspect was endearing at the beginning. Once the novelty wore off however, it quickly became more of a time killer than an actual meaningful system in my gaming rotation. It currently sits somewhere in my house, exactly where, I’m not sure.

Sony PSP

Where to start with this one. Proprietary game and video discs. Small screen. Small processing power. It was doomed from the start, and although it was good for its time, it isnt’t much of anything anymore. Personally, I’m waiting for the PS Vita. It’s much faster processor, and launch lineup that includes an Uncharted game and claims that it will run similar graphics to that of a PS3 (doubtful, but the early screens and videos are promising.) The accelerometer and touch controls – both on the front and back – are going to make this a very interesting unit to follow. I will be grabbing one when it launches in February, and taking it with me on a trip soon thereafter. Let’s hope that the battery life will last in-flight!

What were your favourite hand-helds? Let us know in the comments!

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