Farewell Star Wars: The Old Republic, I knew you all too well.

Oh Star Wars: The Old Republic…How I anxiously awaited your arrival. I bought your pre-order and waited for that magical day when I could download you and dive deep into your world. And dive I did, playing for hours and hours and enjoying myself while doing so. But something happened on my way from level 1 to level 24…

I fell out of love with this game. The stories got me going at the beginning, with their moral choices often creating actual dilemmas that I would ponder in real life before making. Should I let this person live? He has a family! But then on the other hand, I could make a solid profit off of his death. Hmm…what to do? But the gameplay got old. I know the comparison is old and tired, but I somehow believed that this game was different than World of Warcraft, only to be sorely disappointed. The only real difference was that SWTOR is an easier game than WoW.

I was first intrigued by the “find this person and kill him” style missions only under the ruse of the moral story line that accompanied it. But, alas, after many hours of finding different people, killing x number of this enemy, or disabling this many consoles, it got to a point where I realized that under this candy coated shell, this game is the same old center. Of course, this type of gameplay must be expected in a MMORPG, but I had hoped that the story lines would pull me away from feeling the dreary aches of grinding. They didn’t. And when you work and commute as much as I do, this type of game play just isn’t what I’m looking for.

In an earlier post, I had said that SWTOR was aimed at both the casual and hardcore gamer. I am sticking to that statement, but strictly from a gameplay point of view. The learning curve in SWTOR is a lot easier than it was in WoW. The fact that you can run a flashpoint with only 4 players is a lot easier than WoW. Unfortunately, I just can’t bring my self to play a couple of hours of SWTOR when I could get so much more accomplished in another game like Skyrim, and have more fun doing it!

I have to say though, that even though SWTOR didn’t keep me interested, Bioware is still one of my favourite developers, and I am EAGERLY awaiting Mass Effect 3. But because it’s a single-player experience and I can play it at my leisure without the inevitable circumstance of being left behind in the dust of lower levels by gamers that devote entire weeks/weekends to playing non-stop, it’s going to be a much more enjoyable experience.

Does this mean that I’m done with MMORPG’s? Hardly. I just want something that breaks the mold, something that is REALLY different. And until that game comes, I think I’ll stick to Skyrim.

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