Watch With Amanda: Is Alcatraz The New Lost?

Ten million people tuned into watch the J.J. Abrams’ produced series Alcatraz Monday night. Fox’s new show centers around Detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones”Sons Of Anarchy”), Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego “Doc” Soto (Jorge Garcia “Lost”) and FBI Agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill “Jurassic Park”). The team are working together to figure out why the missing inmates of Alcatraz are returning to present day San Fransico completely unaged and continuing to follow through on the crimes that placed them in prison nearly 50 years ago. As the show unfolds we discover that someone (or something?) is sending the inmates back to present day and telling them what to do and who to kill.

Alcatraz proves to have a compelling premise and the beginnings of another mind-blowing twist heavy show similar to J.J. Abrams’ most famous series, Lost. Also similar to Lost, the show hints at some sort of time travel as well as an impossible to escape island. However, that’s about all the similarities you will find. The plan for Alcatraz is to have a new “bad guy” the team will hunt down every week. It’s setup to be more of a crime drama than a sci-fi show while also solving the how and why of the 50 year time travel.

We’ll have to wait until next Monday to see if Alcatraz did enough to have the ten million viewers show up for another week. The premiere did enough for me to tune in again, particularly the twist at the end of the second hour. I won’t spoil that one for those of you who haven’t watched yet.

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  1. I loved the show, not only for the suspense, but for the beautiful setting of San Francisco!

  2. I’m interested to see where the show will go. The sci-fi part/time travel has me very intrigued and I hope that it’ll be explained sooner than later. It’s great to see Jorge Garcia back on TV!

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