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Biff Bam Pop Exclusive Interview: Andy Burns Talks Stephen King’s The Dark Tower with Robin Furth, Part Two

If you haven’t had a chance to read part 1 of my interview with Robin Furth, plotter for Marvel Comics’ The Dark Tower series (the first 30 issue arc of which was recently compiled in The Dark Tower Omnibus), you can find it here. On that note, on to part two!

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Corina’s Cartoon Cuts: South Park, Last of the Meheecans

After an unsobering first episode about Assburgers, the latest episode of South Park takes a look at the good old game of Texans vs. Mexicans… or as the U.S. calls it “Border Patrol”. Even Steven Segal’s been playing lately, and as a Canadian I always enjoy watching anti-immigration attitudes being shot down.

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