Happy Birthday To Us!

A quick note that today marks Biff Bam Pop!’s third birthday. Three years of comic talk and movie reviews and music thoughts and box office predictions, oh my! Three years of great writers contributing their work, for the love of writing and the love of all things pop culture. I’m extremely lucky to have so many great contributors as part of the BBP team – some, like JP Fallavollita and David Ward, have been here since the very beginning. Others, like Mat Langford and Jason Ward, are new but vital additions to the team. We’ve also got great continuing contributors like Scott Guest and Perry Schwartz making their presence felt. It’s a special bunch of guys, to be sure.

As you’ll notice, the site has been completely revamped for this third birthday (we’re still doing some clean-up here and there). It’s something that had been talked about for a while, and now seemed like the perfect time. A new year, a new beginning and lots more great content for you to read (and us to write about).

Thanks for your support – and if you haven’t already, be sure to like us on Facebook!

All the best,

Andy Burns


Biff Bam Pop!

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  1. Happy Birthday BBP! Time sure has flown by – here’s to many, many more pops!

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