Thank you Scotty, and some other news!

Hello there, Biff Bam Poppers!

I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer months. Things have been going pretty well in our BBP world, but there are a few changes afoot that I wanted to mention. 
The first thing is, this past week marked the final editions of Scotty G’s Box Office Predictions, Wrap-Up Report and DVD Tuesday. After more than two years of amazing work, Scotty is taking a well-deserved break, and I don’t blame him. He put a ton of effort into all of his columns, especially his thoughtful box office analysis. I know so many readers I talked to always mentioned looking forward to seeing Scotty’s thoughts on each week’s new release. I’m certainly going to miss receiving his columns in my inbox every Thursday. Scotty and I go back many years, and he was the first person to come to me and ask if he could contribute to Biff Bam Pop! once it was up and running. Along the way, he contributed thoughtful pieces (our double review on Paranormal Activity is a favourite) and even conjured up two great stories for our Biff Bam Boo web comic series. The good news is, while he may be leaving his weekly duties, Scotty will still be a member of Biff Bam Pop! and plans to continue contributing, likely on a monthly basis. So while we say thanks to Scotty for all his writing, it’s nice to know he isn’t gone for good. 
What does this mean going forward? Well, DVD Tuesday will be no more. In it’s place, we welcome writer Mat Langford on board. Mat will be covering the world of gaming, beginning tomorrow. JP will continue on with The Wednesday Run, picking out that one comic book you’ve got to read. J.W. Ward has a handle on Thursdays, writing about whatever is moving him in the world of pop culture. My Monday column continues on, and I’ll also be taking over Friday’s box office predictions and Sunday’s wrap-up report. I think I’ve learned a bit from the master, so I hope you’ll keep on reading. 
So that’s the lay of the land as it currently stands, but we do have some plans coming up for the fall as well. You’ll see those sooner than later, I hope. 
Thanks for checking us out and all of your support,
Andy Burns
Biff Bam Pop!

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  1. If movies were stocks, Scotty G would be my personal Financial Analyst! (And I'd be retired pre-Freedom 55!)

    Thanks for the prognostications Scotty…good to hear that you'll still be here on a regular basis too!

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