DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One – Out this Friday, the seventh Harry Potter follows Harry, Ron and Hermione on a quest to locate Voldemort’s horcruxes, which are parts of his soul spread around the world. If they are all found, Voldemort can be destroyed. Along the way, their friendship will be tested, friends will be lost, and Voldemort’s followers will stop at nothing from killing any member of The Order of the Phoenix. Not much is cut out from the book, so hardcore fans of the Harry Potter books should not have a lot to complain about. It is a nice setup for the final film being released in the summer.

Country Strong – This film stars Gwyneth Paltrow as an alcoholic country singer trying to make a comeback. She befriends a young musician in a rehab facility she is at. They go on tour together and are joined by a beauty queen who wants to be a singer. Dramas unfold off-stage that threaten everyone. The cast is decent with Paltrow, Garrett Hedlund, Tim McGraw and Leighton Meester all in the film. Paltrow can definitely sing, so for fans of country music, this film is worth checking out.

Farewell – This film is a cold-war spy thriller that involved the French, Soviet and U.S. governments. No one knows who to trust and no one is who they say they are. The film was a critically praised one and although these actors are not the leads in the film, they are featured in it: Diane Kruger, Willem Dafoe and Fred Ward.

Summer in Genoa – This film stars Colin Firth and is about a man who moves his family to Genoa after his wife dies in a car accident. While in Genoa, he meets up with an old colleague (played by Catherine Keener) and has to decide between the affections of her or a younger Italian student he teaches in his literature class. This film was released in 2008 and is directed by acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom.

Heartless – This film stars Jim Sturgess and it is about a man with a disfiguring birthmark on his face, which makes him an outcast to society. He finds acceptance by a group of thugs, but this new bond comes at a price.

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