Casting News: Snyder Score His Lois Lane

So we’ve got our Superman, we’ve got our Ma and Pa Kent, and word just came out that Amy Adams is going to be Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, set to start filming this August. Well, she’s certainly an improvement over Kate Bosworth, who didn’t do a bad job in Superman Returns, but was just far too young to play a believable Lois. Amy has the age and credibility to stand next to Henry Cavill’s Superman, and can no doubt hold her own with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. I wonder if this announcement was timed to combat the lackluster gross for Snyder’s Sucker Punch, which totally underperformed at the box office this weekend.

So with almost all the big characters cast, we’re just waiting to find out who will be our villain. Who do you think it will be?

3 Replies to “Casting News: Snyder Score His Lois Lane”

  1. Never realized that Amy Adams is 36 years old! She doesn't look a day out of her 20's. Never gave her or her films much thought but after seeing her in The Fighter, I'm excited about this choice.

    She's got a fighting spirit about her and an actor's maturity that this role requires.

    Positive move.

    Now, bring on Brainiac for the big baddie!

  2. And Zod. Played by Viggo. Please and thank you.

  3. I think either Amy or Rachel would've worked perfectly fine so I'm good with this decision. Jessica's nice to look at but let's not talk about her acting chops. Kristin would have been the worst choice of all since she can barely act and her facial expressions make you want to throw your popcorn and soda towards the screen.

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