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Takers – This film stars Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, T.I., Chris Brown, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Zoe Saldana and follows a group of bank robbers trying to pull off a $20 million job, but they have to avoid a dogged detective as well as dealing with each other. The film was not loved by critics but was a surprise hit at the box office at the end of the summer. It’s the highest profile title of the week.

The Virginity Hit – This film follows the attempts of a teenager to lose his virginity to his girlfriend of a couple of years and his best friend who plans to record the event. As his best friend says, “I’m going to do to your virginity what Alfred Hitchcock did for birds”. What’s most notable about the film is that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were the producers for it.

Stone – This film stars Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich and is about an arsonist who has a parole hearing coming up, and in an attempt to get an early release, gets his wife to try and seduce his parole officer with disastrous consequences. The film only got a small release in theatres, but it will find an audience on DVD with the talent involved.

The Switch – Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in this romantic comedy about a man who has been in love with the same woman for as long as he can remember. One night at a party, he gets drunk and goes to the bathroom. He sees that she has a bottle of sperm in her bathroom and she plans on getting pregnant, until he destroys the sperm by accident. To cover up his “crime”, he puts his sperm in the bottle and leaves. Bateman and Aniston’s character fall out of touch, but years later reconnect, and he meets her son, which could be his son. The film was a dud in theatres, but it does have a fun premise which should appeal to audiences.

Paper Man – This film stars Jeff Daniels and Ryan Reynolds and follows the relationship that a writer and a young girl have as they both get through life by creating imaginary friends. Over the course of the film, they realize that they cannot get through life by avoiding it and escaping into their fantasy world, and must learn to deal with what life has to offer. The film only got a limited release in theatres and was not well received by critics.

Death Race 2 – This Direct-To-DVD sequel is actually a prequel to the 2008 Jason Statham film, and it follows the races of the first “Frankenstein” driver. Statham is nowhere to be found in this release, although the film does have Danny Trejo and Sean Bean. Like most Direct-To-DVD sequels, this one is really only for fans of the first film.

Buried – Another Ryan Reynolds film and this one is not for anyone who is claustrophobic. The film takes place with Reynolds buried in a coffin for the entire film and only has a cell phone and a lighter to stay alive. He makes contact with the outside world and he tries to put together where he might be buried, while dealing with a low oxygen supply in the coffin and a draining cell phone battery. The film is entirely set with Reynolds in the coffin and some people might be put off by this fact. Buried received excellent reviews when it was released and the star power of Reynolds should give the film a bigger audience on DVD.

Jack Goes Boating – This film stars and is directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and follows a man starting a new relationship. It is based on the 2009 theatrical production that also starred Hoffman. Most of the original cast of the theatrical play remains intact, with the one exception being Amy Ryan taking over a role.


The Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Second Season

Dallas: The Complete Final Season

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