DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

The Social Network – The film that will win Best Picture at this year’s Oscars comes to DVD today, and it is an origin story about how Facebook came to be. There is really not a flaw to this film. David Fincher gives the film surefooted direction, keeping the pace flowing at a nice temp; Aaron Sorkin provides the actors with rapid-fire dialogue that you’ll be repeating after you watch it, and the performances are strong across the board with the stand-outs being Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. What I did not know when I originally watched the film was that the characters of the twins were actually played by the same actor – Armie Hammer. Watch his performance knowing that, and you realize how good he is in creating two different personalities for the twins without having to change their hair styles or give one of them an annoying trait. It’s not a feel good film, and you sympathize with different characters at different points, but it will win Best Picture, even if I only thought it was the second best film of the year (CLICK HERE TO READ MY TOP FIVE LIST). The Social Network is my must own DVD of the week.

Piranha 3-D – This film can be summed up by three simple words – piranhas kill people. The film stars Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames. Most of these main characters are trying to get a beach shut down where the piranhas are attacking, even though the beach is about to get a major tourism boost with a lot of beach partygoers descending on the town. The film is heavily influenced by Jaws, and in a clever bit of casting, Richard Dreyfuss makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the film. Believe it or not, Piranha 3-D received good reviews when it was released, with Rotten Tomatoes currently listing the film at 75% positive. It will definitely find an audience on DVD shelves.

Macbeth – Patrick Stewart stars in the filmed version of the highly acclaimed 2007 theatrical adaption of Shakespeare’s play. Stewart plays Macbeth and Kate Fleetwood plays Lady Macbeth and the plot follows the madness of Macbeth as he fulfills the prophecy of the three witches to become king. What sets this interpretation of Macbeth apart is that it is an updated take on the play, with the setting occurring at a military hospital/morgue sometime in the last century. Most people didn’t get the chance to see this in the London West End or on Broadway, and this is their chance to see this acclaimed production.

Roast of David – The title of this one says it all as this is the DVD of the Comedy Central special that aired in 2010. The roasters, which include Pamela Anderson, Hulk Hogan, Greg Giraldo, Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampenelli, Whitney Cummings, Gilbert Gottfried and Jerry Springer are in fine form and this is one of the better roasts I’ve watched. Not for people who get easily offended by bad language.

The Freebie – This film stars Dax Shepard and is about a couple who allow themselves to be with someone else for one night, with no strings attached. They then have to deal with the fact that they are both all right with this and what will happen to them if they both go through with their deal. The film had a very limited release in theatres this fall and received mixed reviews from critics.

Alpha and Omega – This animated adventure features the voices of Hayden Panettiere and Justin Long as two wolves at opposite ends of the wolf kingdom that are kidnapped from their habitat. They eventually escape and have to team up to get back home, and along the way, they might overcome their difference in class and fall in love. The film was a bomb in theatres this past fall and received terrible reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes listing the film at 14% positive as of this writing.


Hot in Cleveland: Season One

E.R. – The Complete Fourteenth Season

All in the Family: The Complete Eighth Season

Mindfreak: Season 6

Rules of Engagement: The Complete Fourth Season

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