DVD Tuesday with Scotty G

Machete – Danny Trejo stars in this Robert Rodriguez directed film about a former Federale who goes by the name “Machete”. Machete takes on an assignment to assassinate a politician, but before he can complete the assignment, Machete himself is being shot at by the people who hired him. Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba all star in this extremely violent, yet very entertaining film. It’s my “Must Own DVD of the Week”.

Dinner for Schmucks – This film stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd and is about a young executive who wants to make a big impression with the higher-ups, so he agrees to attend a dinner with his bosses where everyone has to bring a “special” person. The point of the dinner is to see how each “special” person behaves at the dinner and the employee who brings the most “special” person to the dinner wins the contest. Rudd plays the young executive and Carell plays the “schmuck” and I thought the film was overlooked by audiences this summer. What sounds like a cruel gimmick for a film, actually shows a lot more heart than you would expect from a standard comedy, and also has some great dioramas with taxidermied mice (that’s a pretty random comment by me I know, but its true) There are also some great comedic moments in the film, with special mention of the restaurant scene in the middle of the film, where everything that can go wrong, does.

The Last Exorcism – The plot revolves around a preacher who conducts exorcisms but is having a crisis of faith as he realizes that people get better because of science and not because of God. He decides to bring a camera crew along to film an exorcism, so he can expose exorcisms as being fake. The case he picks to have filmed turns out to be a lot more than what he and the crew ever bargained for as his new patient could actually be possessed by the devil. The film has a “Blair Witch” style to it, but it did generally receive positive reviews when it was released late this summer.

Catfish – This documentary (or is it) is about a man who becomes friends with a woman through Facebook. He is intrigued by her but as their relationship develops, he realizes that the woman is not exactly who she says she is, so the man goes out on a quest to meet this mysterious woman in person. The film received strong reviews in limited release, but some people have been turned off by it, as they don’t believe it is a documentary.

Howl – This film stars James Franco and is about beat writer Allen Ginsberg’s early life as it follows him writing and delivering the first performance of his famous poem “Howl” and the subsequent obscenity trial that happened because of its publication.

Case 39 – Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper star in this horror film that was on the shelf for quite a few years until it was dumped into theatres this past fall with very little fanfare. The film follows Zellweger’s character as she takes in a troubled girl who Zellweger thinks was abused by her parents, as her father tried to kill the little girl. Soon, Zellweger discovers that the girl is not what she appears to be.


Big Love: The Complete Fourth Season

iCarly: Season 2, Volume 2

The Ricky Gervais Show: The Complete First Season

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